Top 5 Disney Movies

Disney pushes out movies all the time, most of them getting lost in the abyss of movies. Such as Night At The Museum. Did you know that was a Disney movie? I certainly did not until I scrolled through the list of Disney movies. Often their movies depict a world of wonder and perfection, as well as a happy ending. But which of those worlds is actually worth watching and immersing yourself in? Here’s a (personal) ranking of the top five Disney movies!

In the fifth slot of top Disney movies is Monsters Inc. which was released on November 2nd, 2001. It was an earlier movie released by Disney, but it was definitely iconic and a must watch for hundreds of people. At Least for myself since I found myself enjoying the character “Boo” which was the little girl who found herself in the world of monsters pushing doors containing different dimensions through. I liked the plot of Sully and Mike Wizoski coming to enjoy the time they spent with the little girl instead of normally being terrified of another creature. It kind of became emotional towards the end of the movie when they put Boo back into her world, it was a sorrowful farewell, but one you want to see anyways.

The fourth pick of Disney movies is Bolt, released on November 28th, 2008. A movie honestly not many people know about as I thought. It was a movie I watched constantly throughout my childhood, so I might be a little biased. I even had it on a CD so I could watch it whenever I wanted, and believe me when I tell you I watched it more than a few times. It was a story about a girl losing her dog in the acting business. She and her dog Bolt starred in movies together, so much so the dog thought the movie world was real. Once the girl got pried away from her dog, the world flipped upside down. It was a tragic story with a beautiful ending. After so many ups and downs, they reunited and lived a happy life together, which is why it takes fourth place.

Starting off the top three is Finding Nemo, released on May 30th, 2003. Even though this story is about cute little ocean creatures, it does have it’s emotional ups and downs. The story of a cute young clownfish getting torn away from his family and world as he travels across the ocean. With his dad having lost his wife fish, he struggles to find his son again. Even finding himself in a dentist fish tank once or twice. This Disney movie is a classic among the youth and I can definitely agree I have loved this movie for many years.

In second place we have Big Hero 6, released on November 7th, 2014. It’s one of the more recent picks, but it definitely took place in many people’s hearts, including mine. The story of a young college brother building a health friend, who closely resembles a marshmallow. Who’s always there to give you remedies to treatments and first aid. But after a terrible accident to the older brothers school and he passed away, the younger brother got into taking care of the creature called Baymax. But as of course, a superhero villain comes along and the younger brother with his friends goes to save the world, yada yada yada, but who doesn’t love a big fluffy marshmallow friend?

It was hard to pick top choice, well, no, that’s a lie. It was a long runaway win for the movie Tangled, released on November 14th, 2010. This movie has been a long time classic and favorite for me. I come back to it about maybe two or three times every single year. I never get tired of watching Tangled and Rapunzel’s long golden hair. The love story between her and Flynn Rider has been something everybody has adored for years. Their adventure to discovering her heritage and the place she belongs is just so heartwarming. Don’t get me started on the music in the movie, the music is something that constantly gets stuck in my head all day every day. It’s quite obvious that Tangled gets the number one spot.

Disney movies have been something families crowded around the television to watch for decades, in the long list of movies it’s easy to say a lot of them have been very successful and pulled in millions for the company. But I think it’s the joy and simplicity in the movies that really count for every viewer… Which is why Tangled still remains the best movie of all time.