Carnival Prom Extravaganza

We have all heard the rumors of Prom and we’re here to inform you that we will indeed have Prom this year in a carnival theme setting! It will take place outside on the football field on Saturday, May 22. Prom 2021 will start from 7pm until 9pm. If it were to rain the day of the carnival, it would be moved inside the gymnasium. Masks will be required to enter whether it takes place inside or outside. This event is exclusively for Juniors and Seniors only and any family or friends from other schools will not be allowed to come in. The class of 2021 is lucky to have a prom so let’s be grateful for that. Please respect the rules and regulations that have been put in place by the staff.

Tickets for the event are currently being sold during all lunches in front of the main office for $20. Tickets will only be sold until May 13. No tickets will be sold at the door so make sure you purchase a ticket on time if you plan to attend. In case students cannot purchase a ticket during lunch they can see Ms. Harris at any time in between classes. Tickets will be needed at the gate before you are allowed to enter.

There has also been a lot of confusion as to what attire we should wear. As of now it will be both casual and formal wear. Students will be able to wear dresses and suits if they are comfortable otherwise casual wear works just fine. Students should just keep in mind that whatever they choose to wear should still be school appropriate.

When Juniors and Seniors arrive at the gate, they will each be given a gift bag filled with goodies. As of now the contents of these bags are being kept a surprise so buy your tickets to find out what is inside. This being said, there will not be a typical feast or dinner like past years but there will be appetizers provided throughout the night.

Students will then also be able to use the goodie bag to store any prizes they win throughout the night. A few of the games that will be available are, a gigantic connect four, jinga, rattle snake round up, tic tac toe, and many other games. There will be no additional fee to enjoy the games once inside the carnival. Mrs. Harris expects there to be about 15 games in total. On top of having fun games, there will also be a raffle taking place every 15 mins. The winners of the raffle will receive a gift card.

Another fun activity that will take place is a photo backdrop where students can capture this memorable night with friends. Unfortunately there will be no dancing allowed at prom due to COVID. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any music. There will be background music as you enjoy all the fun activities prom has to offer.

Prom court has been announced already, and voting is taking place until May 13 at 2:15. On prom night, the king and queen of class 2021 will be announced and crowned. Good luck to the prom court!