The Carnival Comes Into Town!


Carnival rides in motion!

Two years ago, the Carnival came into town and set up at Lamar Park in the spring. Driving down the park’s road and seeing the tall brightly colored structures with lights all around was any teenager’s dream. Dangerous rides? 100 foot drops? Fried food? Yea, definitely a teenager’s dream.

I met my friends there and we headed towards the ticket booth. Once we got our tickets, we walked straight to the most stomach turning ride that is at the carnival in my opinion. It’s most commonly known as the Gravitron, and it’s a spinning ride that uses centrifugal force to push the riders into the paddings lined up against the walls. The cushioned “seats” that the ride pushes the riders against can also move up and down, making the ride more exciting. So, it’s very possible to get sick on this ride, and that is what happened to me.

As soon as we stepped off the ride, nausea hit me. I did not feel good. After that, we went on even more rides, some more than once. I had to cut it short because I began to really not feel good. The worst thing is that in a couple hours I had practice. So, be warned when getting on this popular ride. I left the carnival and headed to my volleyball practice, and I was suffering. A lot of sources say this ride doesn’t make you feel sick, but I was not one of those sources.

It’s the first carnival to come to Wyoming since Covid shut everything down. The snow has melted and the flowers are blooming. Grab your friends and family, a mask, and visit the 2021 Carnival! Enjoy the warm sunshine and blue skies. Grab some fried oreos and elephant ears! Just try not to eat them before riding the Gravitron located at Lamar Park!