Food I Want To Taste

Food I Want To Taste

Spicy, sweet, sour, bitter, etc. there are so many ways to describe foods around the world. Now I would consider myself a food connoisseur considering I’ve basically lived in about ⅔ of the United States. Although I’ve tried hundreds of foods from different cultures there are still foods out there I have yet to try and I would really like to. Here are just some of the foods I want to try.

Jerk chicken is a dish commonly known in Jamaica. The secret to most Jamaican recipes is that instead of using commonly known store bought spices, they would rather use fruits and vegetables that would bring out those flavors. Jerk chicken is a dish in Jamaica that usually contains meat that has been carefully cooked over the hottest coal you can find. During the process, the chicken is rubbed with fresh ingredients such as ginger, garlic, peppers, etc. The one thing that makes this dish unique is that the only way this dish can be served is spicy to extra spicy if you really want to experience it.

My next stop on the food train would be in Greece where they have a dish called Souvlaki. While this food is more of a street-food, it’s still a staple in greek cuisine. Much like a kebab, Souvlaki is cubed meat on a skewer that is then grilled and can either be eaten by itself or with a side of potatoes. More than likely though, it will be eaten on top of pita bread and turned into a sandwich.

Next, I would really like to try a food called Cepelinai which can be considered a Lithuanian cuisine. In all honesty it looks like a giant potato meatball. To make this dish, people must have a lot of expertise in this area because it can be a tricky food to make. It is a dumpling made of potatoes with fillings that can satisfy any food restrictions. The inside of the dumplings can be filled with a variety of things stemming from ground beef to mushrooms and carrots. My favorite part of this dish, however, is that it’s topped with bits of bacon.

Last but certainly not least, I couldn’t possibly not go to Paris, France. Macarons have forever been on my list of foods to try. While, yes, there are places in America that sell macaroons, the idea of being in Paris and having a french dessert just sounds amazing. There are over 50 flavors of macarons and it would be a lifetime dream to try each and everyone of them.

Although I have hundreds of more foods I would like to try in my life, these are just some at the top of my list.