My senior experience

Senior year is officially being wrapped up.
With only seven days left for the seniors it’s starting to get real.
Personally I feel like I’m watching my whole senior year fly by.
It came so fast that within a blink of an eye it was coming to an end.
My senior year was fairly odd and I feel like all classes of 2021 would agree.
If I’m being honest I feel like our senior year was rushed as if the higher authority didn’t try enough to let us have a “normal” senior year. The things that were done or provided for us seemed very bare minimum in my opinion.
Seniors expected to have fun as much as possible.
For example, decorating the halls with fun things to look at and take pictures by. I’ve talked to many people in my graduating class and everyone mentioned this. Apparently because it’s a new building we aren’t allowed to have fun with it. Even though we couldn’t do many things that was one of the many little things we still expected to do.
I’m hoping that since we do have 6 days left of school they’ll be more lenate for us.
Many of us students really want to do the senior walk through. This has been part of tradition for years.
Being able to walk through the halls of where we grew up for the last time is something we all will cherish forever.
Our class has been through so much and I’m happy to say that most of us have continued to stay on track to celebrate our last year being high schoolers.
Personally, I feel like graduating will be one of my biggest accomplishments.
I know getting your diploma is expected but there were so many times I wanted to give up.
I went through a lot these past few years so me actually saying that I am going to graduate is really crazy!
With that being said….Good Luck Class of 2021!! It’s our time to shine!