Office introduces new passes


The office introduces new passes

Ms. Salas is no longer checking you in and out.The office now has a new device that will do it for you.
Here is how it works: When you go into the office in the morning as well as when you’re leaving it is placed right in front of Ms. Salas’ desk. On the screen you will be able to see two options, one of them is to scan your student ID and the second is to sign in using your studentvue credentials. Once you are logged in the new tech in the office it will give you a slip and mark the time you are coming into school or the time that you are leaving school early for any circumstance. “It records the time you sign in and your name so you can just hand it to your teacher,” said Ms.Salas. By marking the time stamp in which someone enters and leaves the building it proves to be an easier process. Our secretaries will no longer have to do it manually. This new technology just makes it easier for our hard-working secretaries like Ms. Salas.
Rohim Mohammod, a senior, tested it out for the first time today as he was leaving early from school. He logged in with his studentvue credentials and was left with a result of a slip excusing him for class which was given to Ms. Salas. The process was quick and easy making it easier for our students and staff to check in and check out when needed.
The slip that was given to Ms.Salas by Rohim stated the students name, ID number and grade. It also includes your teacher’s name, the course the teacher teaches, the room number, and as well as the time you checked in for that hour. This is an even more accurate way that is now available to our students.