I have found some gems on Spotify

I have found some gems on Spotify

Breanna Flores, Contributing Writer

I’ve been getting sick of my music lately, every song is beginning to sound so repetitive and it’s just irritating. So I’ve been listening to new playlists/albums on Spotify and have come across some real gems.

First off, if you don’t have Spotify you may want to download it just because the playlists are that good, if not that’s cool too. I included albums that you can listen to on whatever app so it’s all fine. I’ve come across some for any mood that you might be in, there’s so much variety and it’s always a good thing to expand your music choices.

School – salazaa3-us
This is the perfect playlist for walking down the halls or just doing your homework too. There are artists like SZA, Summer Walker, J Cole, and so many more. The tone of this playlist is pretty lowkey and just relaxes you for the day, that’s why it’s called school lol.

SING ALONG – alexfey02
You could listen to this playlist anywhere to be honest. If you need music to clean the house to, something to blast in the car, or just wherever. These songs are iconic and I’m sure that everyone knows at least a handful of them. Old Nicki songs, Rhianna, Panic at the disco, Katy Perry, just all of the icons are in this playlist. Plus it’s 18 hours and 11 minutes long.. What are you waiting for?

Get physical – kylemartinezx

Yuh. It’s almost summer and if you’re anything like me, you’re rushing to get a workout in whenever you can. If you struggle finding motivation to workout I promise you that this playlist will push you. It makes cardio a little more enjoyable and is just fire. Most of the songs are rap and just lifts your spirit. Just because this playlist is made for working out doesn’t mean that it is it’s only use. If you need some extra adrenaline just press play.

IGOR – Tyler The Creator

I very much enjoy tyler’s music. His lyrics are just so cool and it doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard from any other artist. He has songs about anything so if you like this album you should listen to his other songs. Frank Ocean is also amazing.

YHLQMDLG – Bad Bunny
This album screams summer. And it’s just gold. Even if you don’t know spanish ‘m sure you’ll still love it. Maybe even learn a couple songs, shoot. The vibes are great, he just has a way with his words. Definitely listen to his album on your way to the beach, at the beach, and on your way home from the beach. Thanks.

The Divine Feminine – Mac Miller
I only would only listen to his latest two albums which were Swimming and Circles but I got bored the other day and gave this a try. I fell in love.. My favorite from the album would probably be Soulmate or the song We. Every song is so good though, this album is just chill. It’s not hype but it’s also not depressing either. It’s perfect actually.

I hope you guys like these as much as I do. I didn’t incorporate any sad songs because it’s almost summer and none of us have time to be sad. Have fun and stay safe homies!!!!