Coming Soon: a New and Improved Library!


The Library Is Back!

The cold breeze of the air conditioner whirs as you walk into the giant room of knowledge. The quiet turning of book pages and the clicking of keyboard can be heard throughout the library, an occasional beep of the printer. People are stirring around, exiting and leaving at will. Or did you forget what that sounded like? What it felt like? The staple of any highschool building is the library, the place where you go to finally collect your thoughts throughout the school day. But where has it gone? Will Wyoming High School ever get that feeling of peace again?

Well, the answers have come in for all the students to hear. After a long weird year of transitioning, students and staff alike will finally be able to experience the library feel again.

Currently the construction workers are working hard on building the library as we speak. You can definitely rest assured that sooner or later, the library will arrive at Wyoming High School.

Will it be difficult to get to this new space? How far do we have to walk to get there? Truthfully, you’ll probably pass it more often than you realize as the library is going to be located where the old cafeteria was. To put it in a current perspective of the layout we’re all used to now, it will be where the creepy and scary cement hallway that connects the new building to the new cafeteria.

But how much more grand can this new school really get? Supposedly, even more magnificent than we’ve seen as the library is set match the new building

“Lots of comfortable seating,” Schneider explained. “Workspaces will include tables but also places to work independently,”

Though what this new library will be missing is the common computer lab found in most libraries. Instead, there will be six desktop computers so if students need to do more than what they can do on their chromebook they can come in and do so. Without the computer lab that allows for more space to place comfortable seating and bookshelves.

“Bookshelves will be lined around the perimeter,” Schneider described. “There will also be two breakout rooms in there.”

With more breakout rooms being available, it allows for students to collaborate quietly instead of dispersing throughout the library. With all of this grand new furniture you can definitely expect the library to be grander than we’ve previously seen.

Though the question is, when will it be ready? As of now, it is set to be ready in the fall for incoming students. Sorry seniors, but you won’t be seeing the library anytime soon.

All of the current books and items from the library are packed away in a room, so the hope is that if the construction is on time, everything can be ready right away!

A lot of students have been missing the library as a quiet space for them to work. The lack of books available for students has been a reoccurring problem for students this year. Sure other teachers have in classroom libraries, but there’s just not as big of a variety for students to browse.

So for the announcement of the new and improved library on the way, students and staff couldn’t be more excited to see what this new school has to offer for books! It definitely will be more than comforting to know that there is a quiet area of knowledge available for everyone this fall.