Royal Family is in Shambles


Oprah interviewing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Royal Family

The Royal Family is in shambles. The secrets are finally seeing the light and we are here for it.
The Royal Family is comprised of Queen Elizabeth II and her family. The family is seen as British cultural icons. The members of the Royal Family support the Queen when carrying out important work in the areas of public and charitable service. The Queen’s goal is to strengthen national unity and stability.
Prince Harry, son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, married his beautiful wife, Meghan Markle, in 2018 at Buckingham Palace. British tabloids went into a frenzy soon after. Story after story followed Meghan with no help from the Royal family. This drove the public to believe all the tabloids because no one was defending Meghan.
Soon after getting married, Harry and Meghan announced that they were expecting. From the public’s point of view, everything looked good and healthy. No one had any doubts about the couple’s relationship with the rest of the Royal Family. That is until the couple announced their departure from the Royal Family.
In a recent interview with Oprah, Harry claimed that they did not “step down” from the Royal Family, but simply “stepped back” for their own mental health. Meghan recalled that while she was pregnant with her first child, Archie, she had “suicidal thoughts”. Meghan said that she felt very “alone”, and the Royal Family not showing their support towards her in the tabloids, only made it worse.
Meghan also recalled Harry telling her about a conversation between him and another family member about what the couple’s first child was going to look like and it’s skin color. He also mentioned how the Royal Family discussed not giving Archie a title, even though the child has a right to one. Harry did not elaborate in the interview, but enough was said for the public to understand where the Royal Family stands. The Royal Family did speak out against the racism claims that followed the interview and denied the accusations.
It’s hard for the public to fully know and understand everything that happens in a family with such high prestige. Money has a lot to do with the Royal Family’s positive image and perception, but hopefully, we slowly start to see the truth from the very popular family across the sea.