Evermore Review


I make the same suggestion that I did in my previous review of “folklore” by Taylor Swift, in which I stated that the best way to listen to the album for the first time is without any external influence. I encourage anyone to wait to read this review until they have listened to and processed each of the songs by themselves. That being said, the following is a mixture of Swift’s own commentary on her songs and my own thoughts and interpretations.

evermore (deluxe version)

Opening with simple guitar chords reminiscent of her earliest albums, Swift starts off this album with a song that encaptures the feeling of craving someone, no matter how much it might scatter what you thought you wanted.
Favorite Lyric: “Wherever you stray / I follow / I’m begging for you to take my hand / Wreck my plans / That’s my man.”

champagne problems
This is the most heartbreaking song on the album. It’s about breaking someone else’s heart by being the one to leave.
Favorite Lyric: “One for the money / Two for the show / I never was ready, so I watch you go / Sometimes you just don’t know the answer / ‘Til someone’s on their knees and asks you.”

gold rush
With angelic vocals and subtle drum beats, this song features lyrics about resisting the feeling of falling for someone, especially someone many people seem to fall in love with.
Favorite Lyric: “I don’t like slow motion double vision in rose blush / I don’t like that falling feels like flying ‘til the bone crush / Everybody wants you / But I don’t like a gold rush.”

‘tis the damn season
This song is about a fling with a past lover; putting the past behind them and spending one last night together before returning to the lives they have built outside of each other. This song is filled with the ache of nostalgia and wondering what could have been.
Favorite Lyric: “Time flies, messy as the mud on your truck tires / Now I’m missing your smile, hear me out / I’m stayin’ at my parents’ house / And the road not taken looks real good now.”

tolerate it
This song nearly makes me cry every time I listen to it. With low instrumentals in the background, the lyrics describe what Swift describes as the “specific kind of hurt” of adoring and admiring someone who only seems to tolerate you. While the lyrics clearly are about a lover, they can be painfully relatable to many types of relationships.
Favorite Lyric: “I wait by the door like I’m just a kid / Use my best colors for your portrait / Lay the table with the fancy sh*t / And watch you tolerate it.”

no body, no crime (feat. HAIM)
This song sounds like a modern version of the famous country song “Goodbye Earl,” “no body, no crime” tells the story of the protagonist Este, her husband, and a mistriss.
Favorite Lyric: “He reports his missing wife / And I noticed when I passed his house, his truck has got some brand new tires.”

This song serves as a profound message about how you can find happiness after leaving a relationship whilst acknowledging that the relationship, while unhealthy, did hold parts that made you happy. There are multiple lyrics in this song in which you can hear Swift’s voice begin to break, as if she was holding back tears while singing. This adds a heartbreaking level of authenticity to an already stunning song.
Favorite Lyric: “I hope she’ll be a beautiful fool / Who takes my spot next to you / No, I didn’t mean that / Sorry, I can’t see facts through all my fury.”

This song is about watching someone become famous who used to be a close friend and wondering if they would even recognize the old, simple life they used to live.
Favorite Lyric: “And damn, Dorthea / They all wanna be ya / But are you still the same soul / I met under the bleachers?”

coney island (feat. The National)
This haunting song is about drifting apart from the person you know you want to spend the rest of your life with. It elicits the overwhelming panic of wondering how to save a once beautiful relationship as it slips through your fingers.
Favorite Lyric: “And do you miss the rogue / Who coaxed you into paradise and left you there?”

“ivy” tells the story of a woman who engages in an affair upon falling in love with a person who is not her husband. The tone of the whole song is darkly playful, as if the wife knows that what she is doing is wrong and that only makes her fall harder for her lover, with teasing lyrics such as “It’s the g****mn fight of my life / And you started it.”
Favorite Lyric: “He’s in the room / Your opal eyes are all I wish to see / He wants what’s only yours.”

cowboy like me
In the first country song we’ve heard from Taylor Swift in a while is the story of, as modern terms would put it, a player falling for a player. The two engage in a back and forth of testing how far the other is willing to go.
Favorite Lyric: “And the skeletons in both our closets / Plotted hard to f**k this up / And the old men that I’ve swindled / Really did believe I was the one.” OR “Now you hang from my lips / Like the Gardens of Babylon / With your boots beneath my bed / Forever is the sweetest con.”

long story short
Likely a personal account of her reputation and an ode to current partner Joe Alwyn, “long story short” is about leaving behind your past mistakes and moving in the right direction with what you’ve learned. Taylor Swift has been through a good number of feuds and harsh break-ups, and this song seems to be her accepting what she has been through as what got her to where she is: happy and successful with the love of her life.
Favorite Lyric: “Actually / I always felt like I must look better in the rearview / Missing me / At the golden gates they once held the keys to.”

The thirteenth track on the album, “marjorie” is about Swift’s late grandmother. Marjorie Finlay was an opera singer, and helped inspire Taylor to pursue music. The official lyric video on YouTube features photos and video clips of Swift and her grandmother together, showing how close the two clearly were. In the album notes, Marjorie is credited for background vocals in this song.
Favorite Lyric: “I should have asked you questions / I should have asked you how to be / Asked you to write it down for me / Should’ve kept every grocery store receipt / ‘Cause every scrap of you would be taken from me.”

Arguably the sharpest song on the album, “closure” is packed with cutting lyrics about someone in your past reaching out for their own relief. Swift perfectly describes the feelings of spite and frustration an insincere attempt to patch things up brings to an already wounded past with someone.
Favorite Lyric: “I know I’m just a wrinkle in your old life / Staying ‘friends’ would iron it out so nice.”

evermore (feat. Bon Iver)
The last song on the album, not including the bonus tracks, “evermore” is about the helpless feeling of being caught in a depressive cycle when it feels like everything that could go wrong does. It is a solemn song, but does end on a heavily hopeful note when things finally start to get better.
Favorite Lyric: “I replay my footsteps on each stepping stone / Trying to find the one where I went wrong / Writing letters / Addressed to the fire.”

right where you left me – bonus track
With an oddly upbeat sound for the shattering lyrics, Taylor Swift described “right where you left me” as being “about a girl who stayed forever in the exact spot where her heart was broken, completely frozen in time.”
Favorite Lyric: “I could feel the mascara run / You told me that you met someone / Glass shattered on the white cloth / Everybody moved on.”

it’s time to go – bonus track
“it’s time to go” is another amazing message encapsulated in a song. It is a simple song about learning when letting go of a situation is the best and healthiest thing to do; be that a relationship, a job, or anything tying you down where you won’t be able to grow.
Favorite Lyric: “Now he sits on his throne in his palace of bones / Praying to his greed / He’s got my past frozen behind glass / But I’ve got me.”

Album Rating: 12/10

After reviewing “folklore,” I didn’t think “evermore” had a chance of being my favorite album from Taylor Swift. However, I was sorely mistaken. “evermore” is a storybook in the form of an album that tells tales of lost girls, haunted restaurants, and covering up a murder scene. Despite these extravagant stories, the album also encaptures relatable feelings and life lessons at every turn. Taylor Swift really outdid herself, especially with this being the second album she released in 2020 alone.