Ramere Draper: The Quiet Storm

Andrae'ya Wells , Contributing Writer

“Ramere is really gifted, physically,” Coach Vander Klay says as he begins to describe Ramere. Ramere Draper is not a household name like Menalito McGee or Diego Ledsema, but he is sure living up to those expectations right about now. Draper, is a junior point guard on the Wyoming Varsity Basketball team, averaging about 23 points and 12 rebounds per game. 

But everyone already knew he was going to be great his freshman year of high school. Vander Klay states, “When he was a freshman, it was like ‘that’s the guy.’” Knowing that Ramere was going to be able to step up to the plate when his time came to play on varsity, he was given that opportunity his sophomore year, but ultimately Draper decided to continue to play with the rest of his class and would wait until his junior year to play on the varsity team.

Shooting is not his only eye-catcher. When it comes to Ramere he has many facets to his game… “He does all the little things too, defensively, on the glass, sprints the floor, he’s high energy”, Coach Vander Klay begins, “He does everything he’s supposed to do so we have an opportunity to win”. 

With the season getting pushed back not once but twice, we had no idea how the team would adapt to the multiple games a week, and not enough practice time, but Ramere continued to work hard at practice with the little time they did have. “The situation this year is we had one practice and the game”, said Coach Vander Klay, and with Draper playing basically the whole game, practices weren’t deadly. 

With the winning streak, the Wyoming Wolves are on right now, the highlight so far is how far the team has come mentally. Draper having no varsity experience, he is killing the game right now and he is on fire. Ramere has quickly become the “go-to guy” for the basketball team. He quietly made a name for himself, and I bet by his senior year, he is going to be the greatest of all time.