Most Memorable Classes at Wyoming


Aaron Hurst, Contributing Writer

As my senior year comes to an end, I reflect back on all of the classes I’ve taken. Wyoming High School has over 85 classes available to the 10th-12th grade students they teach. And of those 85 classes, I’ve spent my last 3 years at Wyoming, taking 26 of those classes. Whether you’re looking for some class recommendations for the following year, or you too are reflecting back on your years at Wyoming, then I’ve got you covered.

My first favorite class I’ve taken is Digital Art with Ms. Robyn. I’m a pretty big graphic design nerd and learning how to use Photoshop was one of my goals for the future as it would most likely help me out with my career. This class was memorable, not only because of the content of the class, but also the people in the class. One of my best friends, Hanny Izquierdo, took this class with me and it was fun to goof around with funny pictures of ourselves, but still get credit for it. Learning the material in this class was also fun because it helped me understand the basics of Photoshop and I even downloaded a (possibly illegal) copy of Photoshop to keep practicing during quarantine (yeah I never got to finish developing my skills due to us closing so early.) But I really enjoyed that class and the creativity I was given and I highly recommend that anyone takes it if they have the chance. I would totally attach my art portfolio to this, but I was such a beginner that my pieces are terrible and only I should look at them!

The next class that was most memorable to me (one I’m actually currently in) is Personal Finance with Mrs. Small. I went into the class not knowing a single thing about money, and credit and now I feel like I can actually budget and do smart things with my money. When I began class, I thought that credit cards were a good thing and that signing people up for store credit cards would do good things (I work at Old Navy where they literally act like the store is gonna close if we don’t sign up people for the card). Now I realize that credit cards are actually terrible! Like if you think you’re getting “airline money” or “unlimited cash back on every purchase”… there’s a catch there. You actually end up spending more money on purchases than you get rewarded for. It’s better to use a debit card where you actually know that there is money there! I really enjoy this class and I can’t wait to have a smart financial future.

A.P classes are also some of the classes I’ve spent my time taking. In 10th grade, I was fed up with my class not actually doing their work and having a deep understanding of what we were learning. (Not to brag, but I did really good on my SRI test so they told me to take A.P the following year) When I took this class I was introduced to the wonderful Mrs. Johnston. I love her so much and her teaching style is perfect. She’s not too strict but at the same time she’ll crack down on you for not getting your work done. (I guess I should tell you what class I’ve taken with her. Get ready because it has a very long, professional name…)A.P Language and Composition (11th grade) and A.P Literature and Composition (12th grade). These classes have taught me so much about the structure and function of language and literature that I feel I wouldn’t have learned about in other normal English classes. I highly recommend taking either of these classes in your junior and senior years. Even if you don’t feel the most advanced but still want a challenge, take these classes. And the best part is that you don’t even have to have any previous classes that were A.P, because I myself had never taken A.P classes until last year. So if you’re looking for a challenge, then definitely take these classes. (Also if you don’t want to take A.P English, but still want to experience the wonderful Mrs. Johnston, she also teaches Mythology.)

Lastly, my fourth favorite class was Intro to Forensic Science, with Mr. Nykamp. Now obviously, Mr. Nykamp doesn’t teach at Wyoming anymore (I think Mrs. Rathsack may teach this I’m not too sure). This class was super fun. When I took it, I was a sophomore and technically I wasn’t even allowed to take it but my counselor made special arrangements for me to take it. And not to mention it covered one of my science credits too which was an added bonus. In this class, I learned some fun things about crime and investigations and all the parts included within that. We also got to watch a crime show every Friday too which was super fun. For our final project, we had to make a crime scene and a scenario to go along with it. I did really good on the project and Mr. Nykamp asked me to let him have it so he could use it as a student example. If Wyoming still offers this class, I highly recommend that anyone interested in forensics takes this class!

I have many other suggestions too (which I will quickly include) but this article would get long really quickly. But if you must know, the other classes I recommend are  Video Production, Reader’s Workshop, Geometry (specifically with Ms. Harris), Sociology, and Personal Psychology. I loved all of the classes in their unique ways and I hope anyone reading this decides to embark on these classes as well.