To All The Boys: Always and Forever, A Classic Love Story


Kirsten Schultz, Contributing Writer

Warning: This article contains spoilers about To All The Boys: Always and Forever

With Valentine’s day right around the corner and the rush to get your partner a cute little something for the holiday of love, what better time for a romantic teen love story to find its way through the ups and downs of senior year? That’s exactly what Netflix had in store for it’s viewers when releasing All The Boys: Always and Forever, following the life of Lara Jean and her highschool sweetheart Peter Cavinsky. 

Netflix has taken on the challenge of portraying this young couple from the trilogy of books written by Jenny Han, and so far the production company has done a quality job considering all three movies have skyrocketed in popularity among the youth. But does the third movie live up to the fame of its predecessors? 

To All The Boys: Always and Forever is about the up and down struggles of Lara and Peter as senior year rattles them and college looms over their shoulders. With Peter having been accepted into his dream college of Stanford, and Lara riding off of the hope she would too, their world flips upside down when Lara receives her rejection to Stanford. As any teenager girl’s reaction, her immediate backup plan was to attend the closest college, Berkeley. But when her senior class takes a trip all the way across the country to New York University, Lara’s got a whole new decision to make. 

Lara instantly fell in love with NYU more than she ever did Berkeley, but could her and Peter’s relationship stand the nearly 3,000-mile distance? She eventually broke the news to Peter that she wanted to attend NYU after a few lies along the way, which ended up being the reason the couple broke up due to the fear they wouldn’t make it. But later on in the movie, after Lara went on a trip to Korea and attended her father’s wedding, Peter apologized and they (obviously) got back together. 

Personally, I have loved the trilogy of To All The Boys movies since day one, I’ve watched the movies at least five times over. But this one didn’t really stand out as much as the other ones did to me, it just seemed more cliche than any of the other movies. A couple entering college, break up, realize they still love each other and get back together. We all could have guessed that one right? 

But the storyline is still so adorable that it wins me over no matter what, it might just be my emotional attachment to the books and characters but it makes every highschooler wish they had the kind of relationship that Lara and Peter have. 

It would have been cool if there was a portion of the movie where Lara went off to figure out her thoughts like she did in Korea, but that ended up only being a small few minutes in the movie. It brings in a more realistic feel as to how break-ups are, where a couple divides to figure themselves out first, but that didn’t really happen with Lara and Peter. They broke up, went “oops” before kissing and making up. 

Though the happy ending was surely one to win anyone over (as we all guessed), they wrote each other cute letters in their yearbooks as promised at the beginning of the movie. It also probably helps that it was at the scene of an already built wedding. I think the emotions between the actors Lana and Noah really come out during the To All The Boys movie, I genuinely think this movie will become a classic for me that I will find myself going back to at least three times a year. 

With that being said, I think at this point in the story it’s a nice place to stop, if they keep going on with the movies from now it will most likely just keep getting repetitive from the last movies, it’s a nice happy ever after spot. Figuring there are only three books in the series, there should only be three movies.

The story of Lara and Peter is well written in both the books and movies, but the movies really brought out all the emotions set in the books. This classic teen love story is something written in the stars that depicts the epitome of high school sweethearts, something everyone should be able to witness for themselves. It was really interesting to see the books come to life on the big screen, and would genuinely recommend for people to come along on the ride with Lara and Peter.