r.i.p whiteboards

Why do we even have whiteboards? Like seriously, it’s just a waste of money..

I was thinking about this the other day, none of my teachers ever use their whiteboards. Everything is online now and they’re kind of irrelevant. Whiteboards are hundreds and hundreds of dollars, we could save so much more money without them. Since they’ve redone our school they took away lockers which in my opinion is a little more necessary than a whiteboard..

Even though I just talked mad trash about whiteboards It kind of makes me sad that they’re not used anymore.. Whiteboards are just meant to be in school but knowing that they’re no longer needed is crazy. We’ve come such a long way with technology. If it were up to me I’d trash the clevertouch anyday, but that’s just not the reality of it. I will miss the cleaning spray used for the whiteboards, I will miss getting nervous to write my answers on the whiteboard, and I will miss people signing their names on the whiteboard after class. Times have changed people, it’s sad but you’ll be missed.

R.I.P whiteboards.