Phasmophobia Review

One of Phasmophobias ghost models on a hunt

Austin King

One of Phasmophobia’s ghost models on a hunt

New Game Phasmophobia Brings Out New Fears

It’s pitch black out, you get a call from your boss that there’s been suspicious activity at an abandoned asylum… and he wants you there to figure out what’s going on. With your flashlight in hand you quietly tiptoe your way into the large maze of rooms. Just when you think you’ve concluded there’s nothing, you see a shadowy figure fly past your blurred vision. With your heart beating in your ears… the doors slam! You’re not only hearing your heartbeat… but a groggily groan with a white-eyed gorey figure standing before you. With the doors locked and your flashlight flickering… will you make it out alive? Test your newfound courage in the new game Phasmophobia!
Phasmophobia is exactly what it sounds like, a fear of ghosts. If you weren’t afraid now, you definitely will be after this game. Phasmophobia is a newly released indie ghost hunting game by Kinetic Games where you test your luck in survival.
The base of the game is that you travel to a location of your choice with your set items such as a UV light for fingerprints, a ghostwriting book, spirit box, EMF reader, thermometer, etc. You use your items to the best of your abilities to try to identify what type of ghost it is so the ghost clean-up crew can come in and handle it. There’s also a lot of options as to what ghost it could be, all with different strengths and weaknesses. Such as demon, revenant, shade, spirit, oni, and much more.
There’s a lot of different maps as well. Some are bigger than others, such as asylum, highschool, and prison are the biggest maps. The least but also the scariest map is asylum because whenever you talk in proximity voice chat the voice echoes as well as the footsteps. It’s just such a large map that you get lost so easily and by the time you even find the ghost room… it’s on the hunt for blood.
But there are smaller maps for small groups. Though if you’re playing in one of the smaller groups of people where 4 people is the max. These are a couple different farmhouses and streethouses.
There are also a couple different optional objectives you could cross off such as capture a photo of the ghost, witness a ghost event, detect a room under 10 degrees celsius with a thermometer, etc. These objectives can earn you extra money to buy more equipment for harder difficulties!
Personally, I play this game a lot with my friends since I have played over 90 hours on the game and I’m level 260 at the moment. It never gets boring and there is always something new happening (especially if you’re playing with your friends) and the game is genuinely scary during a hunt or witnessing one of your friends fall to the vicious being.
One of the scariest factors about the game is the voice detection. The ghost can hear you and if it’s hunting and you talk (even without pressing down on the microphone key) the ghost can hear you and head your way for a successful kill. They can also open doors and just walk straight in so if you’re not holding the door right you’re definitely not going to see the light of the truck again…
Phasmophobia is not for the faint of heart… It takes guts to walk into a dark and dreary house and face the different types of ghosts. But do you have what it takes to conquer a blood-seeking monster? Figure out your inevitable doom in Kinetic Games Phasmophobia today!