Premier League Update

Abraham Alcantara, Contributing Writer

The Premier League is the most-viewed soccer league around the world. It is also the toughest league to play in. The players are expected to run for 90 minutes. This league is also known to have the worst referees even though it is said to be the richest. There are 20 teams in the Premier League. To qualify for the Champions League you need to finish in 1st place to 4th place. If you finish in 6th to 8th place go to Europa League. Only 3 teams get relegated. There are 38 matches in total. The league makes 2.1 billion euros. While other leagues are struggling because of not having fans the Premier League is still doing good. Unlike Italy, Premier League clubs own their stadium. The Premier League has had the best managers. The club with the most league titles is Manchester United. 

The reason why I said it has the worst referees is that they use VAR more than any other league. VAR means Virtual Assistant Referee. It is a way for the referee to see replays. The most frustrating mistake referees make in the Premier League is the handball. The handball rule has been changing repeatedly. There have been many times the referee sees the replay and still gets it wrong. 

It is always said if the player is the best he must go to the Premier League to prove he can play in the best league. Unlike other leagues playing possession, The Premier League style is attacking and pressing. No League has as many big teams as the Premier League. The big teams are Manchester Utd, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool. Other Leagues only have two big teams. So you can easily predict who will win the title. For the Premier League it’s different there are 6 teams that are big and any of them can win it.