Indie Artists To Check Out


Jake Ewald – lead singer of Modern Baseball and Slaughter Beach, Dog

Indie Artists To Check Out

Modern Baseball
Genre: Emo/Punk
Probably the best band and most known band on this list, Modern Baseball is a group of young men from Pennsylvania who made angsty emo music from 2011-2017. The band has two lead singers (plus the drummer who sometimes sings), Brenden Lukens and Jake Ewald. Both have sensitive, complex ways of writing; they use long, poetic words and use their anxious (often sad) lives to inspire their lyrics. The band has catchy, loud punk rock music as well as quiet acoustic anthems to sadness. I prefer Brenden’s singing instead of Jake’s, but both singers have great songs with this band. Unfortunately, Brenden quit the band in 2017 due to mental illness, so the band has gone on an indefinite hiatus. Their music is still very popular in the indie/emo scene, and they are a great model of emo rock.

Best Songs- Your Graduation, How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her?, Just Another Face, Wedding Singer

New Releases- N/A

Mom Jeans.
Genre: Emo/Punk
This band is similar to Modern Baseball, except they sound fresher, more raw, and the lead singer’s voice is quite different. With this band, you can expect catchy midwest emo guitar riffs, awkward/angsty lyrics, some acoustic songs, and a lot of lyrics about smoking weed. This band is not as mature or skilled as Modern Baseball, but they deliver a more relatable and punk experience. The things that carry this band: lead singer’s interesting, emphatic voice, catchy guitar riffs, and the unique (occasionally funny) lyrics.

Best Songs- Edward 40hands, Shred Cruz, Poor Boxer Shorts, Vape Nation

New Releases- 3rd Album, “Sweet Tooth”, coming out soon.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise
Genre: Alternative Rock/Pop Rock/Funk Rock
The worst thing about this band is when you try to recommend them to someone else; you begin defending them from the moment you mention their name.
This band is a fresh sound of funk, indie pop, rock, and folk, all fused together. The lead singer, Sam Melo, has a high-pitched voice and a smooth (occasionally aggressive) delivery. In many songs, Sam is able to ride the beat with his voice extremely well, and it reminds me of a boat just going with the waves of the sea. This band covers subjects such as sexuality, love, trust, and being oneself. You can expect funky guitar riffs, strong vocal performance, atmospheric choruses and catchy bass lines with this band.

Best Songs- Hide, When It Lands, It’s Called: Freefall, Devil Like Me, Run

New Releases- Still touring off of their 2018 album, but they’ve released a few singles since then. Hopefully, a new album will come soon.

Slaughter Beach, Dog
Genre: Neo-Folk/Folk Rock
Jake Ewald from Modern Baseball started his own band and named it Slaughter Beach, Dog. Although the band performs together and occasionally records songs together, Jake is the mastermind of it all. He writes all the music and often performs it alone on the albums. Different from Modern Baseball, this band is more acoustic, folk-oriented, mature, and calm. The lyrics are still just as figurative and complex, but the delivery is much softer and tired. This band makes music for dreary days that involve sleeping, eating, and chilling. If you are bored of Modern Baseball’s strained and punk delivery, but you want the same honesty and lyrics, this band is perfect. Plus, they just released a new album!

Best Songs: Building The Ark, Acolyte, One Down, Jobs

New Releases- New Album, “At The Moonbase”, released in December 2020.

Ben Hopkins
Genre: Alternative Pop Rock/Punk
Ben Hopkins was ½ of the queer punk rock duo, PWR BTTM (go check them out! They aren’t on this list but they very well could be), and since their departure in 2017, he’s been missing from the media. In the spring of 2020, he returned to Instagram and announced his debut album will be coming out soon. The album is full of pop influenced soft rock songs that are filled with quirky guitar riffs, powerful back-up singers, trombones, trumpets, and Ben’s painful delivery of simple, honest lyrics. The album covers topics such as alcoholism, depression, hopelessness, and moving on from past relationships. Currently, Ben just finished up his “100 Days of Hurting My Own Feelings” series on YouTube, where he wrote and performed a new song every single day for 100 days straight. Some songs are silly little jingles about how much he hates the president, and some are carefully crafted gems. All 100 of the songs have been released as an EP on streaming platforms.

Best Songs- Apartment Song 1-4, Laugh Track, Ugly Cherries (PWR BTTM), 1994 (PWR BTTM), New Hampshire (PWR BTTM)

New Releases- New Debut Album, “I Held My Breath For A Really Long Time Once”, released in September 2020.

Ginger Root
Genre: Alternative soul/self described as “aggressive elevator soul”
Ginger Root is a musical project made up of Cameron Lew. His songs consist of quiet verses, pop synths, calm vibes, and aggressive choruses. His song topics range all over the place, but the lyrics aren’t usually the most important thing about this music; it’s the feels. These songs feel calm, happy, and bright. This is music you can play as you drive to the beach on a happy summer day (which is usually not my type of music). Whenever I hear Cameron transition from his usual soft spoken voice to his aggressive quiet scream I feel like I get a shot of serotonin. If you like pop music, soul music, or good music in general, check out this underrated artist.

Best songs- Weather, Call It Home, B4

New Releases- New album, “Rikki”, released in Fall 2020.