Stafford Has Been Traded to the Rams For Two First Round Picks and More

Wow. After twelve years they have finally decided to actually rebuild the team in a smart way. The Detroit Lions and Matthew Stafford have mutually agreed to disband over the season. This time I actually feel good about the Lion’s new general manager Brad Holmes after making his first ever blockbuster trade over an offseason and finding success with it.

Stafford has been officially traded to the Rams for two first round picks, a third round pick, and Jared Goff. Which would include his massive contract that he probably doesn’t deserve, but I’m ok with this trade because we technically win this trade unless Stafford wins a super bowl with the Rams in the next few years. Which I think is likely, but also unlikely because now the Rams have to cut some key players on their offense like Robert Woods for example.

Stafford has been playing for the Lions for twelve years and has only made three playoff appearances. In all of the playoff appearances, Stafford has been in he has lost every single one, meaning he has never won in the playoffs. So there is a good chance that Stafford could still lose in the playoffs and the Lions would probably win the trade no matter what, even if they don’t pick up the best players with their first and third round picks.

In my opinion, Stafford is probably a winner in this trade because of how much potential he has of being successful with Sean Mcvay and the Los Angeles Rams offense. Maybe even to lift their offense just high enough to give them a good fighting chance at going to the super bowl.

On the other side of the trade, Jared Goff is being sent to the Lions with the company of two first-round picks and a third-round pick to sweeten the deal for the Lions. In my opinion, I think that Jared Goff will probably just be an average quarterback at best unless somehow they just turn Jared Goff into some kind of MVP quarterback. Which I feel is very unlikely and probably won’t happen unless some drastic changes are made to his mechanics and the scheming the Lions have been using for Matthew Stafford for years is changed. I think that can happen with Anthony Lynn being hired as our offensive coordinator. I feel he can really take that run game to the next level to help give Goff some breathing room for when he needs to throw the ball.

In my opinion, the first-round picks and third-round picks will help give either Goff a supporting cast if he plays well with Anthony Lynn as the offensive coordinator, or it will give the new rookie quarterback a good supporting cast to help get him on his feet, so he isn’t layed out to dry with a below-average supporting cast to help him out.

In my opinion, I feel that the Lions won this trade if Stafford doesn’t win a super bowl with the Rams. I think this because if the Lions get pretty good value with their first and third-round picks and Goff plays to his full potential with the newly acquired Anthony Lynn’s offense I think we fleeced the Rams in the first blockbuster trade of the offseason.