Emotions flowing through her and onto paper


Chloe Earegood, Contributing Writer


The softness of your lips, 

The gentle curve of your hips, 

The way your eyelashes curl up toward the sky, 

Your delicate hands in mine. 


You entice me in ways I know are forbidden, 

We cannot be together, yet I still yearn for your touch. 

Your touch that still lingers on my skin, 

I can still feel the ghost of your fingertips lightly tracing my thighs. 


Why pick a weed when there’s a whole field of flowers in front of me? 

You my darling, are by far the prettiest of them all,

Your beauty is unmatched, 

There will never be any completion. 


Now that I’ve awoken to you, I cannot look away, 

You’re all I ever want to look at. 

I’m scared to close my eyes, 

I don’t want to fall back asleep. 


Before I have to return, will you please love me too? 

Will you kiss me one last time, 

Hold my body delicately against your own? 

For the day will inevitably come when we have to part. 


I will never forget you my flower, 

You have sculpted me into who I am, 

Even if it has ruined me, 

I will always love you even if I cannot hold you any longer. 


My body has gone numb without your touch, 

I desire you in ways I thought not possible, 

Nothing can fix my longing for you, 

No weed can replace a flower. 


Without you darling, this is hardly a life at all, 

I have fallen back asleep, 

But I still remember you in the form of dreams, 

Dreams where you can be mine, and I can be yours. 


Where we live in happiness, 

Ignorant to the fear that keeps us apart, 

Where I can look into your eyes, 

And see nothing but love. 


It may bring about my own demise, 

But I need to be with you, my darling, 

I cannot hide any longer, 

I am not like everybody else. 


You make me feel different—

You have shown me that I am capable of love, 

I had just been looking in the wrong place my whole life. 

For I do not desire a weed, I desire only you. 


Even if it makes me a target, 

To the prejudice and violence. 

I will not partake in this deception to myself any further, 

I have nothing to be ashamed of. 


My love for you is something so divine, 

I cannot begin to explain it. 

I am no longer scared to be yours, 

I choose to love you for as long as I may live. 



My eyes seem to be permanently fixed on you, 

When I try to look away, they habitually end up right where they started. 

I try and try to keep my focus on the task in front of me, 

But you appear to be much more important. 


Maybe It’s unnatural how alluring you are to me, 

But there’s just something about you, 

Even when you catch me staring, 

I don’t bother to flinch. 


Do you think I’m judging you 

By how often our eyes meet during class? 

I promise I’m not, 

I just think you’re utterly infatuating. 


I’m sorry if you don’t understand why I’m so obsessed with you, 

Honestly, I don’t know either. 

Looking at you feels like home—

But I don’t even know what your favorite color is. 


Is the way you make feel normal—

Is it okay to feel this way towards somebody like you? 

I want to know what it would be like to hold you hand as we stroll down a busy street together. 

I want to see the way your face lights up when you’re genuinely happy. 


When I hear your voice, 

I can feel the butterflies fluttering around excitedly in my tummy. 

When I look into your eyes, 

My heart rate quickens for some unknown reason. 


To me, you are unconditionally perfect, 

But I haven’t uttered a single word to you before. 

I can imagine my future in your arms, 

Though it’s quite improbable to even think about. 


I’ve given my heart to you, 

But you’ve yet to notice it in your hands. 

Because the truth is I’m just a girl, 

Who will never be a part of your world. 


The Princess

Your sighs seem to echo in my ears ten times louder than they truly are, 

Staring out the window adorned with a melancholic expression, 

Full of sorrow and sadness at the news just delivered, 

That you must wed. 


You are not the only one desolated by this disclosure, 

I can no longer wait for you in my chamber past sunset, 

I can no longer see that smile of elation, 

Which is indisputably exclusive to just I. 


I am stuck scrubbing the floors of which you walk, 

We both know there should be no us,

Yet you still love me, 

As much as I do you.