Student Opinions on New Bells


Student Opinions on New Bells
“RING-A-DING-DING-RING-A-DING-DING-RINGGGG” is how the new school bell is sounding to students. Why a sudden change in bell for second semester, why not wait until the next school year? We will never know. The student body is rather startled by the bell rather than at ease with it. The sound is quite straightforward—to the ears, it is much louder than the previous bell. I asked a few students their opinion regarding the new bell sound, the responses… weren’t of liking.
Wandering through the hallways, I find Victoria Castillo, currently a junior at Wyoming High School. She says, “They’re annoying to be honest, I don’t really get what the change was for.”
“It was overall just stupid, I mean—I get it, but there was really just no point,” Castillo said.
Another student agreed, Illiana Valdez-Ortega says that, “I feel like they’re unnecessary, I miss the old bells.” I asked her why she preferred the old bells over the new one. She responded, “I think we were all used to how the original sounded and didn’t expect a new sound, which is probably why many of us don’t like it.”
Finding Bri Bunnell in a breakout room located within the freshman wing, she says, “They’re annoying and ugly and stupid.” A very direct response of her feelings towards the new bell sound.
I set up a zoom with a student who started second semester in-person but switched to a temporary online schedule. I asked, “When you first came into second semester and heard that ringing, how did you feel about it? Does it remind you of the high school experience, with the bells and all? Did you like it, dislike it, what are your thoughts?” This student is a senior, her name is Anette Ramos and is returning to these “annoying” and “ugly” and “stupid” bells in the upcoming weeks.
“They’re kinda ugly,” Ramos said. “They’re annoying and it would’ve sounded better if they put a regular bell sound. For my high school experience, it is not giving High School Musical vibes at all. It makes me feel like we’re on our way to get drafted.”
With the amount of dissent, there seems to be no positive responses, but there’s still hope! One student: Andy Vo, says, “I don’t really mind the new bell, I think a new change to the bells fit all the extra additions to the school building. I don’t know, I think it was time for a change.”
Throughout these student responses, a common word that came up was “annoying” so there you have it, a good portion of the students at Wyoming High School think of the new bell as an annoyance to their ears! Personally, I’m not really in favor of them but I think even though these responses were mostly negative, they have all gotten used to the sound and it really isn’t a true concern. Maybe Andy Vo was right, everything can’t stay the same forever—how boring would that be?