These Musicians Are Sure To Make You Laugh


Adam Sandler

The only thing I like more than comedy is music. I like those both more than Musical Comedy, but here’s a list of my favorite musical comedians anyway.

Adam Sandler
To start this list off, we need to mention (in my opinion) the G.O.A.T.
Adam Sandler is a very well-known movie star, but in addition to that, he is also an amazing musical comedian. Since my early childhood, I’ve been surrounded with classic movies such as “Billy Madison”, “The Waterboy”, “Big Daddy”, and many more; however, Sandler’s songs are what influenced my comedy the most. In his music, Sandler covers silly and hilarious topics (such as losing his fart chair and being a lunch lady) using a childlike innocence and goofy voice. On the other hand, Sandler also writes extremely inappropriate songs about his car, the life of a goat, and being stuck on a spaceship with another man.
Adam Sandler’s goofy, potty-mouthed songs may not be for everyone, but I absolutely love them.

Best Songs- Lunch Lady Land, Ode To My Car, Station 69, The Thanksgiving Song

Tenacious D
Jack Black and Kyle Gass are capable of crafting some of the most epic classic rock ballads I’ve ever heard… and they make it funny.
Tenacious D is carried by Jack Black’s amazingly powerful vocals and ability to make funny topics sound seriously adventurous. Without listening to the lyrics, you’d think many of these songs are within many people’s top best songs of all time. Listening to the lyrics, however, you realize Jack is constantly singing about sex and/or how awesome his band is. If you are looking for a mix of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath covered with humor, this is the perfect band for you.

Best Songs- Tribute, Wonderboy, Roadie, Low Hanging Fruit, Kielbasa

Bo Burnham
Bo Burnham: Quirky, quick-witted, and flamboyant.
Burnham started his career as a teenager in the early days of YouTube, making funny songs about many topics including not being gay, having a fat girlfriend, and teaching new (inappropriate) ways to do math. His career exploded from there, and when he landed his Netflix comedy special “What.” is when the world learned his name.
Using clever puns and a piano, Burnham can switch from deep, dramatic songs about being ironically sad to quick, quirky jingles about mocking the idea of art. His versatility, cleverness, and on-stage persona is what makes him one of the most unique musical comedians. His singing ability and raw musical talent aren’t as well-tuned as many of the people on this list, but his comedic wit can hang with the best of the best. Also, his new-age millennial perspective on the world makes his music feel much fresher than other comedians.

Best Songs- Sad, New Math, My Whole Family, Can’t Handle This

Flight of The Conchords
From New Zealand, bringing an entertaining mix of awkwardness and musical ability, Flight of The Conchords offers amazingly funny songs with just their voices and guitars (usually). Composed of 2 men, Jermaine and Bret, this duo oftens plays characters in their songs to deliver storylines that range from robots taking over the world to getting ready for “business time” with the wife. This group was most famous around 2007 when they had their own self-titled TV Show on HBO.
After a long break, Flight of The Conchords (now middle-aged men) have just come back and done a special for HBO. They’ve also toured around the country appearing on late-night talk shows. Hopefully, this group continues to make entertaining music, but chances are that they are close to being done, seeing that they are so much more grown now.

Best Songs- Jenny, Father, and Son, Business Time, Albi the Racist Dragon

Tim Minchin
Tim Minchin writes offensive awkward songs about having a sex doll as a girlfriend, but he also writes passionate songs about falling in love. I suppose it’s up to the listener which ones they like more.
Minchin performs with no shoes on, crazy red hair, dark mascara, and a full tuxedo on. He rambles sporadically on stage about insane, hilarious topics all while maintaining an awkward rock star attitude and exceptional piano skills.
Minchin is most known for being controversial in his music, as he oftens mocks religion and blurts out vulgar comments during songs. In some songs, such as “Prejudice”, “Confessions”, and “If I Didn’t Have You”, Minchin builds up so much tension with the audience just to shock them when he blurts out the exact opposite of what he led them to expect.
This Australian piano star will shock you, make you laugh, and occasionally even make you ponder about serious subjects such as religion, love, and pursuing your dreams.

Best Songs- Prejudice, Confessions, Inflatable You, If You Really Loved Me