The Show That Brings Your Fantasy To Life

The Show That Brings Your Fantasy To Life

Sidney Gelock, Contributing Writer

If you could go back into a certain era would you choose the Regency era? If so the Bridgerton show is just for you. 

Newly released on Netflix the show follows the wealthy Bridgerton family, which consists of a widowed mother and her eight children named alphabetically. It mainly focuses on the eldest daughter on how she is to find love. 

Now, this show is based on a book series. Each book focuses on a child a bit more than the others. The first book is specifically more about Daphne, who’s played by Phoebe Dynevor. She is of age and is to be showcased off this spring to available bachelors. But her brother Antony makes things a tad more complicated for her. 

Antony is the oldest brother played by Johnathan Bailey and denies every man who has the intention of getting to know Daphne. With this, every man except one is scared off, but the man who isn’t exactly a kind man. An opportunity knocks and gets her out of marrying the bad man. 

Simon Basset who is played by Rege-Jean Page is friends with Antony which is how he runs into Daphne. He comes up with an idea where they pretend to be together benefiting both of them. 

Simon and Daphne began to get very close while faking being in love. This will become an obstacle for both of them because they want very different things. The show shows how they struggle to be in love with another. They split eventually, but can’t escape their feelings for one another. 

This show is very passionate and has some intense scenes so I would make sure people of age watch this show. What I mean by intense scenes is there is a lot of sex in this show. The show even starts off with a sex scene. Like I said this show is very passionate and built on very intimate relations. 

Besides the Daphne and Simon drama, the show does focus on the other siblings. For example, Eloise played by Claudia Jessie tries to find out who Lady Whistledown is. This show has a secret gossip writer named Lady Whistledown who’s voiced by Julie Andrews. Now she’s not Lady Whistledown just the narrator for the writings. She/he is a writer who writes about juicy gossip happening in the town. Nobody knows who she/he is. Which is why Eloise is trying to uncover their identity. Personally, the Lady Whistledown parts remind me of Gossip Girl if that helps as an analogy. 

Also, the other siblings deal with their own problems with love and finding their passions. Which you can find out more if watching the show. Where you can also find out more about the love story between Daphne and Simon. Also, who Lady Whistledown may be.