Let Us Play!!!

An illustration of what the new library will look like.

An illustration of what the new library will look like.

Andrae'ya Wells , Contributing Writer

These past couple of weeks have been one of a kind for all student-athletes. With Governor Gretchen Whitmer pushing back winter sports once again, athletes were not happy. They’ve been waiting for this all year since winter sports got cut short back in March. Some athletes really rely on sports to help them escape their reality of what’s happening in their life. 

For example, take my bestie, Aniya Fisher. Aniya, unfortunately, did not get to play her freshman year of high school basketball because she tore her ACL, MCL, and Lateral Meniscus during summer ball. This was so devastating for her, getting basketball taken away from her and it is the most important thing to her. I know all athletes have their different stories about what sports mean to them, but I know Aniya was ready to come back for her sophomore year on varsity, and show all the hard work she’s put in during her small setback. 

A couple of weeks ago, kids from all over Michigan went to the capital to protest about letting kids play their winter sports. I believe we are the only state that is not allowed to play winter sports right now because it is a contact sports, but if the schools can let us come here and be around hundreds of kids for 6+ hours, five days a week, and some students still aren’t wearing their mask correctly, I don’t see the reason why winter sports can’t start. Even if there are no spectators, I know the athletes would still want to play. 

After some hard decision-making, Governor Whitmer has decided to let winter sports resume. I know all the athletes were excited to hear about this, and now all their hard work will be for something. Even though there will be more games in each of the coming weeks, I know that the athletes can handle the pressure and they’re just ready to play!