School is Back in Session


As we transition from getting up for school at 9:30 back to the normal 7:30, all I can say is….school is back in session!
I’ve been waiting for this day since we went online all the way back in November. And I’m not the only one who feels this way. Senior Madison Dewey says “I’d rather be here than home”with this being our senior year we hated the feeling of being online when we should be at school. Back in November, I was only back four days from quarantine before they decided to shut the school down as a whole and we do online until after Christmas break. I hated every minute of it.
The plus of getting to go to school is I get to see my friends everyday, we can take pictures, and we go get food everyday for lunch. The school has also upgraded since we were last here. There is a new cafeteria, a new hallway with many new classrooms, and the front of the building is completely remodeled and it looks beautiful. I can’t wait to see the finished product once everything is complete.
Since we are back in-person, I couldn’t be happier. Week one of in-person school is complete, and it has been one heck of a week. There are definitely more students in-person this semester than last, and the class sizes are a little bit bigger. More students means less parking spots, so now I have to park in the front of the building and walk all the way through the school to get to the back side. With there being more kids, hopefully everyone can practice social distancing, wear their masks correctly, and sanitize their desks after class so we don’t have to go back online and I can finish the rest of my senior year in-person, making the best memories possible with everything going on.