Feelings About Coming Back to School

Breanna Flores, Contributing Writer

I still haven’t decided how I feel about it…

I got really used to virtual learning for 2 months, I needed my space for sure and it was super relaxing to not be surrounded by a million people all day. The only real reason I chose to go back in person was because it’s just a lot easier for me to learn that way, I can’t find any type of motivation to complete my assignments at home. 

Anyways… Last week was our first week back. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good. I’m already such an introvert, to begin with, but this made it a lot worse. I forgot how draining it was for me to be around so many people. I’m not sure why I get like that but I do. Waking up earlier has also been messing me up a bit too. Even though I go to bed early and get somewhat the same amount of sleep, I just feel so drained. It’s been super hard to focus, both in-person and online. There have just been so many changes, and I feel like I’m just now processing it.

I feel like the easiest thing for me to do would be to just go online and stay in my bubble but I know that if I do that I won’t gain anything. I’m trying really hard to be positive and to not let myself fall behind in school, it’s just hard right now.  

Even though being around people stresses me out, I do like that we get less homework when we’re in person. I’m not sure if this is even true but it just feels like it. I also find myself to be a little more productive at school which is cool. I’m trying not to be so picky because, at the end of the day, it’s school, there’s always gonna be an issue… I just need more time to adapt and I think I’ll be fine. For now, I’ll just blame this whole school situation on the pandemic because that’s what everyone seems to be doing.