We’re Back! New school? Again?


Vanessa Martinez, Contributing Writer

It’s a new year. New resolutions. New goals. New school? Again? When we first came back to school in August of 2020 after our first quarantine, we entered into an entire new building. We had to learn how to navigate through it and had to get used to the new learning setting. This time, we walked into a new cafeteria and a new string of classrooms. We are slowly getting to see what our school will look like by the end of all this construction. What are students saying about the newest additions to our building since we left in November? 

Let’s begin with the new cafeteria. Walking the halls, I have heard mixed opinions about it. Some students love the new cafeteria and how open it is. Seeing the new cafeteria was shocking for some, like Dyani Parada, a senior here at Wyoming, said, “Wow, they really stepped it up.” Another senior, Heidi Gonzalez, said she thought “it was big, it looks really nice,” when she first saw the cafeteria. 

Others however, have focused more on the newly surfaced problems that arrived with the cafeteria. When the topic of what people disliked about the cafeteria came up, the lunch lines were the main topic. The lunch lines are weirdly organized this semester, and students noticed it right away. Dyani Parada describes the lunch lines to be “unorganized, messy, and crowded”. Similarly, Heidi Gonzalez, also describes the cafeteria to be “unorganized” and “not cute, I don’t like it.” Everyone is going to have different opinions about the cafeteria, but it’s important to remember that changes can still happen to it in the future. 

Now, onto the newly added freshman wing. All the talk that I have heard about the new freshman wing has been mostly positive. Dyani Parada, who has a class in the freshman wing, says, “the little area where people sit down is really nice, and it’s kind of nicer than this hallway.” Here she is referring to the new building we were introduced to back in September of 2020. Another thing that was mentioned about the freshman wing, were the classrooms. Heidi Gonzalez explains that she “likes the classrooms, they’re pretty big and open.” The new classrooms, breakout rooms, and lounging area are a really popular topic about the freshman wing. It definitely adds more room for the incoming freshman class that are soon going to transfer over from the Junior High. Overall, the newly added freshman wing was a big hit for some students here at Wyoming High School. 

The new developments to our school have been in progress for some time now. It’s been nice to see the progress in person. It’s been slow, but nice to think about the fact that we were the first students to test out the new developments. Our school is far from being finished, and all the seniors can hope is that we get to see even more developments before we have to head off to college. Always remember, not everything is perfect, and we can always provide the school with advice on how to improve our school for future students.