PS5 Review: The Future Of Gaming


After the long wait since the sneak peak from Sony in September, the Playstation 5 has finally arrived and become increasingly easier to get your hands on as time goes by. The new PS5 is certainly looking to be the future of gaming consoles which allows for a completely new level of immersion that just simply wasn’t possible before. I was finally able to get my hands on one a couple of weeks back and do I have something to say about this console.

The new and improved PS5 is very tall and blindingly white from the looks of it. Just the outierer of the new console stands way more elegant than its predecessor PS4. It looks way more sleek and futuristic than any other gaming console. On the inside of the white plastic that stands tall, there are microscopic symbols of the iconic triangle, circle, x, and square added for detail. The attention to detail put into the looks of this console really takes the cake.

But the downside to the gigantic console is that it isn’t very good for people with limited space. It does have the option to lay horizontally than stand vertically like it’s presented, which could be a better option. Then the base for the PS5 is a bit clunky, unfortunately, but it does screw in and out of the PS5 with ease so it’s pretty simple to switch your PS5 around if you so, please.

Don’t get me started on the controller. I think the controller is the real show-stealer compared to the sleek look of the console itself. The futuristic look is carried along onto the controller, with a sleek white and black look. The microscopic symbols are on the back of the controller for extra attention to detail there too. Sony really outdid themselves with their wildly inventive DualSense controller with a built-in microphone that you can blow into in certain games.

Now, for the true point of the newest Playstation, how does it run?

To that, I say, pretty amazing. The interface of the PS5 is clean, attractive, and a snappy version of the PS4. You can customize the control center to have quick access to features such as network settings, accessibility options, and broadcast controls.

The PS5 comes equipped with a powerful 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor, 10.3 teraflops of graphics power, and a ridiculously fast custom SSD. Compared to it’s younger brethren PS4 that comes with only 1.84 teraflops. Nearly 10 times as more! Sony promised the PS5 would have the best performance and they sure didn’t break their promise with this one. Framerates and load speeds are almost instantaneous that provide for very clean run through games.

The noise that comes from the PS5 is very limited thanks to its gigantic internal fan allowing it to stay cool for a long while. I played on it for a good few hours and it stayed quiet and cool for the most part.
The Playstation comes equipped with the pre-downloaded game Astro’s Playroom that really dives into the depths of the Playstation and its controller, showing all how it works. For a pre-downloaded game with no true storyline, it was a pretty solid and fun game to play. I honestly mind myself going back to it from time to time. I mean how could you not with a cute little astronaut?

As great as the Playstation is, for many people it comes down to price. There are two options for the PS5, a digital version or the disk version. I personally got the disk version but it does run you an extra $100. The digital runs for $400 while the disk runs for $500. Then you probably got to add in the cost of games but most games from the PS4 do run just fine on the PS5 I have yet to run into an error. I personally think the extra splurge for a gaming console is worth it since most people already spend well over $500 for a phone that’ll last for a few years. Going off of how long the PS4 lasted since its release in 2013, the PS5 is probably going to last a good long while for only $400-$500.

The verdict for this new sleek and futuristic console is that I think it is more than worth it. It runs amazingly and is a game-changer for the future of gaming consoles. I am certainly satisfied with my purchase and would purchase it again if I have to. So if you can get your hands on the amazing new PS5, go for it!