The Dance Team Returns…

Andrae’ya Wells, Contributing Writer

Dance has yet to show any of the choreography that we have worked so hard on during the summer and even fall and with all the winter sports constantly being pushed back my only question is… Is dance over before we’ve even begun? The dance team had its first practice back yesterday since November, and it was a one of a kind practice. Everyone was happy to see each other since it’s been a long time since the last time we’ve been together, but once the coach had us start reviewing the dances, things were not the best. Being a member of the dance team, I have not done anything related to dance since we went virtual back in November. So at practice, I personally was so out of breath, I didn’t remember how much energy dance took, and it’s 10x worse with the mask on. Coach has us doing the dances over and over trying to correct little mistakes, but not pushing us too hard on our first practice back.
With everything going on COVID-related, we still have no idea how our season will look, or if we will even get one. Since dance is technically not an MHSAA sport we don’t know how our season is going to go, especially if basketball keeps getting pushed back. We usually perform on the sidelines at most of the basketball games, but we still have no clue if they will even allow us to do that because of spectator limitations. We also don’t have any clue if we are going to be able to do any competitions. We have been taking our season literally day by day trying to figure what is next for our team.
We’ve started learning new choreography, that is being taught to us and choreographed by the senior captains, Dachia Arlhyn, and Diego, and this dance is so good. Hopefully, we can perform this dance somewhere, even virtual; this dance is too good to go unrecognized.