Let’s Go for a Ride


Ford Media

Scooters stand ready to roll.

“Bdring Bdring!” Spin arrived downtown this fall. Spin is a company that lets people borrow a bunch of scooters scattered around town. All you have to do is download an app that locates the scooters for you. They also show how fully charged they are.
With this app you do have to put in your card information. I personally have had no problems with putting my card information in. So if you’re nervous about putting in your card information I wouldn’t be too worried. Also If there is a problem there’s an area where you can contact them with any problems. The scooters charge you $1 to rent and $0.15 every minute.
The app is very easy to use once you put in your information. A map pops up where it shows all the scooters available. You can basically use the map and walk around to find them. Once you find them you click ride at the bottom of the screen and scan the QR code on the scooters. The scooter will turn on and tha app will take a minute to load and tell you the rules that need to be followed.
The rules that they suggest is wearing a helmet. From my experience I haven’t seen many people follow this rule. Also another rule is to stay off the sidewalks. They suggest you ride in the roads, but just like helmets not many people follow that either.
To get the scooter going there’s a lever like button you push down and it starts. There’s also a brake like ones on bikes on the handle to stop. These scooters are electronic so you don’t have to do any work, but stand on the platform. The scooter only allows you to go 10mph, but if going down a hill it can get up to 14mph or higher. At times the scooter will slow you down if going too fast. There’s also areas called red zones.
Red zone areas are where the scooters are not allowed. The scooter will make a loud sound warning you are in a red zone. The scooter will stop working till you get out of the red zone. To prevent going into red zones, that map will show you where not to go. Also if you continue to go through the red zone it will get harder and harder to push it through the zone. So I suggest going around red zones.
Additionally there are some cool things about the scooter. There’s a light that is on at all times. It’s very helpful in the night time. There’s also a bell you can ring when people are in your way to acknowledge your behind them.
When you are finished with the scooters there’s parking spots to put them. A lot of people just leave them randomly. You aren’t suggested to put them in a parking zone, but it probably helps others find them better. So when you have the scooter in the right place you click end ride. The app will ask you to take a picture of where you parked the scooter when you do it will ask you to rate your ride out of five stars. Once you rate it the scooter will shut off and be left for the next person.
I got to personally experience the scooters and I would rate it a 5 out of 5. I recently have gotten sick of riding them cause I was so addicted in the beginning. I also think it’s a cool experience because if you’re like me I knew nothing downtown and this helped me get familiar with it. So overall, I suggest people check it out.