Staying Productive in Quartine

Get Going and Be Productive

Many would ask how do you say productive during quarantine? Well I’m not exactly the best person to ask because I am the biggest procrastinator. But recently I’ve noticed that when I’m in a different environment that’s not my home I work so much better.
For example, there is a house, a street over that is used for youth. As long as we ask the owner we’re allowed to go whenever we want and just do homework, play games and hang out. So I often ask to go there and do homework and it really helps me be productive because I know when I’m there I have to get things done.
Right now I’m in Mexico in a completely new setting, with sunny weather at 8:45 a.m so that also gets me up and gets me doing some work. So I would recommend maybe changing the place you study and whether you eat in the morning. If there’s sun, open your curtains so it’s not dark.
I would also recommend that you have a list of everything that you have to do just so you lay it all out there, that way you know what you have to get done by when. Right now I’m super behind on a lot of my assignments especially in Journalism which is really sad to say cause I’m usually on top of my stuff. But now that I’m here I’m using the sun and this beautiful garden to get me in the mood to write and just get my stuff done so far I’ve written quite a bit.
So in order to stay productive just be mindful of what gets you up and going. You need to also be mindful of how you get things done. So for me I just change the setting of where I am. I clearly changed temperatures from 30° weather to 70°. Opening up your windows and just having a little bit of light from the outside helps a lot. Makes you wake up and not just be holed up in your room not doing anything. Trust me I know, I did that for weeks on end until my mom just came into my room and busted my curtains open and said “you need to open these curtains and get you going cause you need to start doing stuff.”
So these are just a few things that I do that might help you be a little more productive but every person is different so these might not work for you but you might have some ideas from reading this that you might want to try out.