You Can be a Leader

You can be a Leader
Being a leader is not something everyone can do but it is something that can be learned. We oftentimes say leaders are just naturally born that way. Yet I would argue the opposite because leaders are oftentimes made. You can teach someone good and bad and they might be stuck in a situation where bad is their only choice but being a leader is sticking up for people and helping people.
You can easily tell someone they’re doing something wrong and show them or give them an example of how they can do it better. We are humans, we make mistakes, it’s something that is just inscribed in our DNA but just because it’s inscribed for us to make mistakes doesn’t mean we can’t correct them.
Easily by telling someone “Hey you’re doing this wrong or you can improve this by doing this you can show someone that what they’re doing isn’t right.” By making them self-aware that they’re not doing the right thing and that they can do something to improve that, just shows that we can improve anytime as long as we put ourselves to the task of doing so.
I know I’m talking about being a leader and fixing right and wrongs yet we’re still in high school. I’ve been taught this these last few months that being self-aware and correcting yourself is something that will help not only you but others as well. You’ll be able to connect with people and just be able to understand how people are feeling if you just are aware of what they are feeling and who they are as a person . This helps you know how to speak to someone this helps you know how to handle a situation whenever you’re in one.
So you see you can change as long as you think that you can because with you having the mindset that you can change you’re having a growth mindset meaning anything is possible as long as you put your head to it. If you have a fixed mindset you won’t be self-aware you won’t improve yourself and you’ll always think that what you think is the only thing that can be possible which I know is not true.
Humans were made to adapt so why can’t we as high schoolers learn to start adapting to our situations to our world to just be more mindful of the comments and things we say to people. Oftentimes our words hurt and the adults around us often don’t know what they’re saying or know it and do it out of spite. But we don’t have to be that way we can be different. We can be a generation that helps others that are fighting for something better fighting for our world to be a better place for our children or our nieces are nephews just anyone that is younger than us. Just remember you are a leader, you can be a leader even if you aren’t one right now. We are human, it doesn’t matter how old or how young we are, we can make an impact.