Alpha Wolf 11…in a pandemic?


WKTV (2019)

Old photos of Alpha Wolf assembly back in 2019

With the surging cases of COVID-19 surrounding WHS, a lot of confusion has been stirred up with the famous Alpha Wolf assembly that happens two times a year, perhaps the biggest assembly that happens at Wyoming High School. Is it happening? Will it be safe? How would it even work? After long hard thoughts about it, here’s what the school has to say about the renowned Alpha Wolf.

Firstly, some don’t know what happened to last year’s spring Alpha Wolf before the school year cut short. What Wyoming High School chose to do is honor all the seniors, make them all alpha wolves in light of what they went through their senior year, so there were no sophomore, junior, or teacher alpha wolves that spring.

Now here is where the struggle comes in, the 2020-2021 Alpha Wolf ceremony. There are a lot of precautions before ever scheduling something and a lot to take into consideration.

But to begin with, what even is Alpha Wolf? A lot of the sophomores haven’t been introduced to the big event. To sum it all up it’s a big ceremony where we honor two students from every grade (personally nominated by the students!) as Alpha Wolves of the pack because on a scale from 1 to 10, they’re an 11.

“We talk about 3 core values and those are compassion, graciousness, and kindness,” explained Baumbach.

But it is safe to say, there will be nothing planned before winter break especially now since WHS is closed until January 18th. Though you can certainly hope for something in the spring!

“We’re trying to push this off until the spring when hopefully restrictions are more relaxed,” Baumbach stated. “Maybe then we can get everyone outside and maybe have a parade.”

It was explained that we will do something, it just might not look like what we did in the past, but something will happen, whether we’re in person or online!

But there are still a lot of possibilities, but also a lot of unknowns left. Such as the population of WHS this year, since 60 percent chose in-person and 40 percent chose online we can’t survey the entire student population.

“We only have 60 percent of the students here,” stressed Baumbach. “It’s hard to make a decision off of 60 percent of the students.”

This is a genuine concern, everyone should be included but a lot is still being figured out about how that would be done.

But one possibility that was brought up is selecting 4 students from each grade instead of 2, though it was just an idea and nothing is finalized just yet. Perhaps we could still make this Alpha Wolf about the seniors! Everything is still on the table at the moment and there are a lot of decisions left to be made.

There are a lot of unknowns right now and it is difficult for everyone to come to an agreement or a solid conclusion, but the one conclusion we can all certainly come to is that at the end of the day, we’re all pretty much Alpha Wolves!