Miso: A Cat You Need to Know!


Miso chilling.

Introducing you to Miso! The most adorable cat you will ever witness in your lifetime, the only downside to her is that she will snatch your food when you’re not looking. Miso is a gray, orange, and white cat who is a year and a few months old. The name “Miso” originates from miso soup, a Japanese dish commonly served as an appetizer. But the reality of where her name came from is that her owner wanted to copycat one of their favorite influencers: Quen Blackwell.
Blackwell has a cat named Miso, hence where the name was taken from. When Miso was a small little kitten, her owner Kenyalie McIntosh had a friend who was giving away free kittens and Miso was one of them. And then there it happened: a new cat in a new home. She was fast to adapt to the new environment and was clawing and running around the furniture as if it was her own house and no one else’s.
Speaking with the owner, I asked, “How has having a pet changed your responsibilities and perspective on care-taking?” McIntosh responded, “Taking care of Miso has shown me that I have to take my responsibilities seriously and be committed to them. Same thing with caretaking, I have to be committed to taking care of a whole life form and making sure that the cat is healthy.” Anything that makes this cat different from the rest? She has her very own Instagram account! @lovemisoso, give it a follow to see further updates on what she’s been up to!