Welcome back, boredom

Breanna Flores, Contributing Writer

We were clueless to think that this pandemic wouldn’t still be affecting us 8 months after it began, but here we are.

Boredom has come to haunt us yet again.

It’s been a week of being home and learning from a computer is just boring. Everyday is starting to feel the same again. I’ve been here before and I don’t want to relive something that I’ve already gone through.

To keep myself sane, I’ve been setting small goals for myself, it gives me some type of purpose in a way. Most of these goals have been about school but really they can be about anything. It’s so easy to procrastinate and get distracted on your phone or whatever it may be. Having something to motivate you can make things ten times better.

Since class doesn’t start until 9:30, it’s been giving me plenty of time to catch up on some sleep that I haven’t been getting before. I know we could all use the extra 2 hours of sleep, with a charged mind focusing on school won’t be so bad.

It’s very hard to stay on top of all of your assignments but taking it one day at a time is all we can really do. I wish I could have more reasons to help us get through this but there doesn’t seem to be a lot right now. We’re all going through this together. Remember, this isn’t our forever, this pandemic will pass so looking forward to better days is all we can do. Stay safe, we got this!!