EMERGENCY MEETING! Are you playing Among Us?


Tara Black and Sidney Gelock

It’s a game that is taking over people’s lives. So many people are playing Among Us now, even though the initial release date was June 15. 2018. Among Us was created by InnerSloth, this isn’t the only game they have released. 

Even though it came out 2 years ago, it recently jumped in status. More people have started to play the game, there are now youtube videos on it, as well as twitch streams of people playing. People can download the game for free on mobile phones. Others pay on stream to play on PC and that way they can stream to twitch using that. Currently, it is only $4.99 on stream. 

Among Us is a game where there are either 1 to 3 imposters who kill the crewmates. The number of people in one game can be a maximum of 10 players in a single round. There are 3 different maps you can choose from The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Pollus. Every round the crewmates have these tasks they have to finish, the tasks are similar yet some differ from the map you are in. If all the crewmates were to finish their tasks they would win the game. The imposters have to kill the crewmates without getting caught, they can sabotage different things throughout the map. The imposters can also do this thing called a vent where they can be sent to a different room without having to walk there. When the imposter kills a crewmate their body lays there until someone can find it, if someone does find the body all the members of the game have to vote on who they believe is the imposter. Sometimes people vote out crewmates and other times people vote out imposters which helps the crewmates win the game. 

Many people of different ages play this game. For instance, there are seniors, and Juniors who play this. Among Us is a fun game, people have to rely on what they know to figure out who the imposter is. 

Tara Black-Sometimes when I play and I get imposter I like to kill a cremate in front of a bunch of people to see what they do. Sometimes they just leave the body alone and not report me, others report me right away to get me out. It’s so weird because there are so many different types of people you play with and each and every person plays a different way.

Sidney Gelock- When I play and I get imposter I like to try and do it when no ones around, then I go and find other players so I have an alibi. Okay, I’m just gonna admit this, I am not the best imposter but it’s still fun to play. 

We play together a lot. It has come to a point where we know each other’s strategies, so it’s easier to find out when either of us is the imposter. Sometimes we just pretend we don’t know the other is an imposter because it’s funny to watch in the chat and to see people call out others even though they aren’t the imposter and just regular crewmates.