PS5 will dominate Xbox in November


Cristian Diaz, Contributing Writer

Since the early 2000’s there has been controversy on which gaming console dominates the entire world. Although Nintendo has Mario, it’s still not enough to compare with Playstation’s Spider-Man and Xbox’s Forza Horizon. Sony and Microsoft will release their newest “next-gen” console creations this year, with Playstation’s “PS5” and Xbox’s “Xbox Series X”, which has fans from all over the world roaring in excitement. Don’t know what console to purchase? Well, this is what we know so far about the two consoles.

Price-wise, the PS5 will range around $500 for the non-digital version and $400 for the digital version. For the Xbox Series X, it’s the price is at $500. The release date for the Xbox Series X is November 10, 2020. Meanwhile, the PS5 plans on coming 2 days after the Xbox release. Though there are some differences between the two. There is one similarity that they share: both of these consoles provide 8k resolution, high frame rates, powerful processors, and speedy SSDs, which fans will absolutely adore. 

Controllers. Both consoles have released the controllers that their gamers will grasp for hours upon hours a day, while their mother yells at them for not doing their chores. Reviews on the controllers have been mediocre for the Xbox but interesting for the Playstation. Some consider the Dualsense(PS5 controller) as “futuristic” because it has the appearance of something that’d be created in 2090. And some say that it totally rips off the Xbox controller because its shape completely replicates it. The Dualsense comes with black AND white colorwave, that Sony has added for the first time. Usually, the Dualsense comes with one single color but Sony has finally changed that. And the Xbox controller is just a plain black controller, the same as its prior years.

If I were to come to a conclusion, PS5 is going to take the stage and will dominate the gaming industry. There is nothing wrong with Xbox, but Playstation just provides better games, better specs, better speed, etc. However, that is just my opinion though, while others can argue for Xbox. Maybe it’s just because I grew up with Playstation.