Wyoming Varsity Cheer are coming back stronger than ever


Madison Dewey and Sidney Gelock

The Wyoming Varsity Competitive Cheer team is one of the most underrated teams at Wyoming High School. They are also one of the hardest working teams.

I know because I have been a part of the team since my freshman year (I am now a senior). We have been through it all, from losing most of our teammates, to losing our coach. We had to rebuild the program from the ground up last year, and have worked hard to continually improve. 

We start our practices with dynamic warm-ups and line drills. Dynamic warm-ups are a series of stretches and exercises to help get us warm and our muscles stretched. Line drills are tumbling basics such as handstands, cartwheels, round offs, and other tumbling skills. We focus on the timing and cleanliness of each skill. Drilling it until it is perfect, and everyone is exactly on time. Tumbling skills are a key element to the competitive season. The more advanced skills you have, the more points you are worth.

There are three rounds in Competitive Cheerleading. Round 1 is focused on jumps, motions, and ripples. The harder you punch your motions, and motion placement determines how well you are scored. When you perform a jump, it has to have height, but your toes have to be pointed, and your prep has to be clean and on time.

Round 2 is focused on motions and skills. Everyone has to do the same exact motion and skill at the same exact time. You are judged on how unified the team looks as a whole.

Round 3 is stunting tumbling. Stunting is when 2 bases and 1 back spot lift the flyer into the air. Certain more complicated stunts such as lib or full up are worth more points than basic stunts. 

Over the years, we have not had much recognition from the school or our peers. Our competition dates are never announced over the announcements. This year, we are working hard to gain recognition and get more people to support us. We have big things coming this season, and the skill that we have on our team is better than it has ever been.

 This year, we have a good chance of placing really well and even making it to regionals. I’m excited to see where the winter season will take us! If you want to see more about the Wyoming Varsity Cheer team, follow our Instagram: Wyoming.cheer

Come see us in the competition this year!

Feedback to a fan: Sidney Gelock

Personally, I have attended every game that has gone on and got to see the cheerleaders perform. The Wyoming cheerleaders have a very loud and distinctive voice. Being in the bleachers I could hear each cheer very clearly. I also believe that they can bump up a crowd even though it may not seem at times a game would be very bland without cheerleaders. 

I also believe that people really look over the cheerleaders and don’t give them as much credit as they deserve. The cheerleaders practice every day and work super hard and they perform amazingly at the games. 

They also do a cheer that consists of push-ups for which of course doesn’t get that high up, but they still do push-ups. Which I could never do. They also do a lot of cheers that interact with the crowd. There are also some that are really fun to watch. Overall cheer is exciting to watch.