Lucifer Season 5 Poster

Netflix Delivers Lucifer’s Newest Roller Coaster


Netflix’s hit original show “Lucifer” starring Tom Ellis and Lauren German will leave you questioning if you actually enjoyed it or not. It seems that one minute you finally decide it’s a good show, then the next you wonder if people actually watch it for entertainment. It came out with the first half of its newest season on August 21, 2020. Season five-part one contains eight 45 minute episodes. The series contains a modern spin on heaven and hell and has gained a giant following.

This show’s newest season really went hard with the feelings in this season, going from romance to frustration, it’s all in there which keeps as a great relation to the audience.

Season five is about Lucifer, who recently went back to rule hell after spending some time on earth. The season contains a big reveal that when Lucifer does come back after a few months in hell, he wasn’t actually Lucifer! It was his twin brother pretending to be him and steal his entire life. This is a very good plot twist, but on the other hand, it was all over the place and came completely out of nowhere, making no sense.

A lot of it is about how Lucifer’s love interest, Chloe, is handling the news that has just been dealt to her that she was actually just made for Lucifer from God, that she was just God’s gift rather than her own person. Another aspect is how the pair dealt with being apart for so long just after they admitted their feelings to each other, which needless to say was poor. Which only added to the already dramatic flare of the show. I did enjoy seeing their character development and how they dealt with their emotions. Seeing all the emotions fly around the room when Lucifer and Chloe argued, really kept me thrilled to watch more.

On the downside, the show’s dialogue leaves a lot to be desired for. There is a lot of “what the hell” and “oh, my God” puns thrown in there, which tends to get repetitive. Seemingly funny in the beginning, but the humor from it seriously dials down the further you go.

Despite the downsides such as dialogue and an especially weird plot twist (though which was still pretty good in the end) I was hooked enough to thoroughly enjoy the show.

Overall, I would really recommend this show to anyone who can dedicate themselves to a long show and are thrilled by fantasy, because I know I extremely enjoyed this show despite its ups and downs. Or maybe I should leave it up to you to decide.