Game On! Covid 19 rules changing for athletics


Governor Whitmer set out a restriction for two spectators per player for fall sports, but this has been lifted. Football can now have 1,000 spectators in the stands. So now parents, friends, and family can come support. This also means the band can play again!

For indoor sports, the gyms can now hold 500 spectators. That means basketball games this winter can be fun again with a student section. This means more supporters and the dance team will be able to perform at halftime as well.

This is better for student-athletes who like support but also could be risky for people to catch the virus. If people were to wear their masks improperly then it will be easier to spread because they are around each other and there are more people.

Hopefully, it will all go well and Whitmer can keep the restriction on how it is so we can feel normal again. Wearing masks has become the new norm and one day the pandemic will be over! Until then let’s remember to keep our masks up so we can be done sooner and support our teams!