Join Key Club for a Positive Experience


What is Key Club, you may ask?
As an officer of Key Club, I promise I won’t be biased in writing an introspective about the club. Hands over my head, pinky promise and everything. Anywho, you’re probably wondering what Key Club is all about right? What we do, why we do it? I’ll get to that shortly! And no, I will not be inputting a cheesy quote that goes along the lines of, “The KEY to life is volunteering.”
Key Club is a student-led service organization for high school students that prevails itself all through the nation. The four pillars of Key Club are leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness, but what makes us Wyoming High School Key Club? We incorporate the same values as alpha wolf: kind, compassionate, and gracious—something extremely modeled in our school. The members of this club volunteer for the school district and the local community, helping out in any way that is possible. Though the volunteering events take place outside of school times, there are bi-weekly meetings every Thursday where we talk about these volunteering opportunities, the club overall, and do a little activity!
The reason why the club is in place is to encourage the students to take part in something bigger than themselves. It is a way to connect with students and the setting around an individual by them giving their time to help their community. When one person contributes, and then another, and another, it creates a team with the same sense of purpose. And together, the club provides their service to those in need.
As we all know, the pandemic unraveled itself and this school year has not been anything we have ever expected before. With new guidelines, a lower in-person student body, and necessary precautions, none of the officers knew what was in store for the club or if we would even have one. I interviewed the president of the club, Nichole Stark, and asked her a few questions regarding what Key Club means to her and what effect COVID-19 has had on it. Her response was that, “COVID-19 has greatly affected the club. There are a lot of events that have been canceled due to restrictions within the school.” An example of this would be the “Blood drive we volunteer for three times a year being no longer available because the school has to limit the amount of visitors. Also, there are constant updates to sporting events which may affect volunteering, so we are updating our members non stop. Luckily, the officers and volunteers are being very flexible to updates and last minute changes. Although it may be stressful at times, it’s all worth it in the end.” The reason why it is worth it ties into what the club means to her, “To me, Key Club means putting others before yourself. Volunteering is a passion of mine and I love that I’m able to do what I love through Key Club.”
I interviewed a member of the club as well, to really show the experience from a member’s perspective. Her name is Anette Ramos, a senior at Wyoming High School. She has been a member of the club for “About two years, junior year and now senior year,” she said. I asked, “What do we do as a club that keeps you in the club? What about the club interests you or holds value to you?” She responded, “Community service uplifts me and others,” with her favorite volunteering event being “Trunk or treat.” Would she recommend other students to join? She said, “Sure! It’s a great way to meet new people outside your friend group.”
If you feel doubtful about whether or not the club is for you, perhaps because you’re too shy, have never joined a club before, or never had any extracurriculars, whatever reason it is, I can assure you that it doesn’t hurt to try out. Speaking on a personal note, Key Club has done so much for me in terms of growth. By being in a different environment, I’m referring to sports games here, I was put outside my comfort zone and surrounded by people I had never been face to face with before. And of course, the beginning seemed frightful being in unfamiliar grounds but it forced me to open myself up. I have grown in leadership guiding members, protruding myself onto new grounds, and building new relationships, and that growth has exemplified the qualities I carry. Yes, it is only a club but the time I dedicated to it gave me something in return, not a cord or a good college application, but strength in character. Try out the club, you’ll find a positive out of it, just as I did!