Three Netflix Shows to Watch Now


The 100
The 100 takes place in 2149 after a nuclear war called Armageddon that destroys all civilization. 12 space stations believe they are the last of their kind and their ark is dying. For that reason, the ark leaders decided to send juvenile teenagers to earth not knowing if it was survivable. The teenagers then have to find a way to survive on their own, each one of them are completely different from each other so they must survive together even if they don’t like each other. I highly recommend this show to those who love sci-fi and apocalyptic/ post-apocalyptic fiction. The seventh season, last of the series, is out now on Netflix.

The Umbrella Academy
The Umbrella Academy starts off in 1989, when 43 babies were born from different women, who weren’t pregnant the day before they had the kids. A billionaire, named Sir Reginald Hargreeves, adopts seven of those babies creating The Umbrella Academy. Through their teenage years the family fell apart and they disbanded. They later reunite for Sir Reginald’s funeral. Trying to solve the mystery of their Father’s death is a lot harder when they’re a very dysfunctional family, each character having their own problems that they have to work through doesn’t exactly help either. I recommend this show to any DC fans or anyone who likes Superhero fiction or fantasy.

Warrior Nun
The main character’s name in Warrior Nun is Ava. She is 19 years old who is first seen dead on a morgue table. That soon changes when a nun sticks a halo in her back for safekeeping from devils. Not knowing the power of the halo Ava awakes from death and now she has to fight demons? Well like any normal person who just came back to life Ava refuses. Which then leads her to be followed by demons and fighting nuns? Also is there such a thing as a bad angel? There is too much to unpack from this show so I recommend watching to find out what happens to Ava. I would also suggest waiting for season two if you hate cliffhangers.