Student Teacher Joins the Wolf Pack


Illiana Valdez-Ortega

Mr. Varineau is happy to be student teaching at WHS.

There’s a new face here at Wyoming High School. You might’ve seen this new face in your math class with either Mr. Rusticus or Mr. Retan. This mystery person is also a student at Calvin College and is here for the next month to student-teach. Guess who it is? It’s Mr. Varineau!

Mr. Varineau is currently majoring in math education with a minor in psychology. Education has always been a field of interest for him.
“I’ve always wanted to teach,” he explained. “I was always good at math and I see math’s relevance in the world. So that’s why I chose math.”

Mr. Varineau has a passion for math. “ I want to be a better teacher, and I’m excited to teach in the future,” he said.

In his spare time, Mr. Varineau enjoys running, eating food, watching sports, hanging out with his family and is a part of the cross country team at Calvin.

He is really enjoying his experience at WHS. “It’s been great so far,” he said. “One month in and I love it,”

And one month in, he is getting a feel for teaching. “I’m learning. It feels good, a little scary sometimes,” he said.

Mr. Varineau’s experience at Wyoming hasn’t quite changed his perspective on teaching but instead expanded his way of teaching. “I haven’t taught much before this,” he said. “It’s definitely helped me to see different ways to teach and it’s helped me expand my horizon of what teaching looks like. I anticipate in the next few months I’ll see more ways of teaching and I’ll be more comfortable but I think so far it’s just kind of expanded my knowledge of what teaching looks like.”

Working with both Mr. Rusticus and Mr. Retan provides him from two different approaches. “They both have their own styles and there’s definitely things I see in both of them that I wanna, kinda mimic,” he said. “Having them both just helps me see different styles of teaching and different ways of interacting with students and the goal is to just mesh them together or take parts of them both and just do it in my own style,”

When Mr. Varineau looks five years, he has some idea of what the future might hold. “Oh man, I see myself in five years, probably teaching somewhere probably in a big city,” he said. “I like big cities. I will probably be somewhere in the United States but that’s all I know!”