Define “Socially Distanced” in a Pep Rally

The question used to always be, “How to make a pep rally pep?” but the dire question at hand now is, “How to make a pep rally safe?” Wyoming High School is having a pep rally today, before the home football game was supposed to initiate. Things are a tad different now, new rules have been confirmed and the amount of people who can attend football games has increased. The strict guidelines putting a limit on attendees are now lifted but does that mean everything else should be lightened when it comes to safety? How will there be certainty that the pep rally will be completely safe? What precautions will be taken? Where is it taking place? Or will everyone be shoved inside a gym hollering and jumping?
Mr. Baumbach is here to answer your concerns.
Don’t worry, rest assured. The answer is no, the entire student body will not be shoved into one gym during a pandemic. The pep rally will be taking place in the gym, possibly outside, but students will remain in their classes. How will they be able to participate, you ask? It will be streamed virtually and sophomores and juniors will dismiss class to watch it. Seniors, on the other hand, will be able to take part in-person, cheering on for our school! Where the pep rally will take place has yet to be decided and will depend on the circumstances today. What will be displayed? Baumbach said, “You know, it’ll be the usual stuff. The band will be performing, cheerleading will go on, there’ll be a dance performance, athletic accomplishments will be announced.” It’ll begin at 1:30pm and end at 2:15 or, “Even sooner,” Baumbach says. This homecoming pep rally is something the majority of highschoolers all over America don’t get to experience, we should remember to stay grateful for what we are receiving, big or small. Virtual or in-person.