The Wolf Den is Online


Dahlia Reyes

A Wolf winter hat, available now from the Wolf Den.

The Wolf Den is finally open…barely

Last year, Fridays were the highlight of all the student’s week. Not only because the weekend was about to begin, but because the school store was also open.
The school store, called the “Wolf Den,” would sell Wolf apparel, school necessities, and everyone’s favorite…slushies and snacks.
But this year things are a little different. Instead of the Wolf Den being in between the big and small gyms, the store is all online.
There are flyers all around the school with QR codes that you scan with your phone to access the store.
Dailia Reyes, one of the lead workers at the store, reports that the store still offers a great selection for students and staff. “We sell clothing items such as hoodies, the face mask,” she said, “and there are also beanies.”
But unfortunately this year due to the virus they won’t be able to sell any slushies or snacks. They will only be selling Wolf apparel as far as we know. Shopping at the Wolf Den is just like online shopping, you browse for what you would like to buy, add it to your cart, and checkout. But the only thing is you can only pay with a credit/debit card. If you are interested in buying from the school store, then go check out the all online Wolf Den!