Varsity Soccer Keeps Piling Up Wins

Camila Maldonado Pena, Editor-In-Chief

I’m back! I missed my weekly update on soccer last week but you will be getting the scoop tonight so here goes. Varsity made their way to Muskegon High School  last Thursday and won 8-1.  

A new name that you guys might have not heard before is #12 Tussie Melchisedek who is a sophomore this year, who got pulled up from the JV team, part way through the season. He is an up and coming varsity player who completed a hack trick that night (3 goals). # 11 Mohamad Bentamour has been scoring all season, man his on a role. He scored a total of three goals during the Muskegon game as well. #7 Jair Real has also been a key player for the team, scoring one goal that night. #17 Cristian Diaz also got a chance to score, he was able to make a penalty shot and make another goal for Wyoming. This makes a total of eight goals during the Muskegon game, our team was definitely on fire that night. 

Now for some current news varsity played Zeeland West High School again last night. This would be the second time our varsity team has faced them and won. They proved themselves yet again by beating Zeeland 3-1 last night, October 6th. 

These are two names we have heard all season long and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone reading this. #7 Jair Real scored two goals last night one of them being an assist from #6 Oscar Loyo. Last but certain not least #11 Mohamad Bentamour scored a goal last night as well. 

There will be a game against Mona Shores tomorrow night at 6:45pm. Now remember folks our Wyoming Wolves Varsity team from here on out will be playing for their conference games to get to finals so keep an eye out on scores and wins within the next few days. Welp, that’s all the news I have for you guys tonight, hope it was insightful.