Wyoming High School Works to Prevent COVID-19


Kirsten Schultz

Students wiping down desks

As the school season has started back up, so has the concern for the spread of germs, specifically COVID-19. How will staff and students stay safe in such a close contact environment?
Well, there are plenty of measures Wyoming High School is taking to ensure the safety of their staff and students, such as the face covering policy for students and staff alike. Since COVID-19 is a confirmed airborne virus, everyone walking onto campus must be wearing a face covering to prevent any spread.
But there are also many other less noticeable measures being taken, such as people coming into the building to disinfect the area.
“There is four hour cleaning,” Mr. Baumbach said. “So you’ll see people walking around spraying tables, doorknobs, and they disinfect the entire building everyday.”
Another strong requirement is for students to take a pump of hand sanitizer before walking into any classroom. Dispensers are in front of every classroom. Students are also advised to wipe down their desks and seats after every use.
But one concern that has come up is group work and group projects. After all, a big part of high school is to collaborate with your peers and put many different ideas into one. But the issue is staying six feet apart from each other.
“If you have group work, where students are working closer than six feet apart,” Baumbach said, “we want to limit those group activities to less than fifteen minutes.”
Another major concern that’s come up for parents and students is how lunch would work, since kids will have to take off their mask to eat. So what the staff team has done is organized the lunch tables in a distancing manner, only allowing two people per table, one on each end.
The last small touch that is added to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy is that drinking fountains are out of use, except for the touchless water bottle fountains that are disinfected on a daily basis.
The reason that all of this can work is the smaller class size, since WHS gave the option for students to go online, 41% chose to go online. Making the class sizes smaller, is easier for everyone to distance and move around without a lot of concern.
We can all do our part to make sure everyone stays safe, and the hope for school staying open is going strong!