Virtual Learning and Face-to-Face Instruction are Both Thriving


Sidney Gelock

Sidney Gelock, Managing Editor

This year Wyoming High School had to make some changes to keep all students safe. All students were given an option to choose online or come to school in person. 41% of students choose online and the other 59% choose to come to school. 

For the students who have to come to school, there are a few simple rules that need to be followed. First, everyone is required to wear masks properly. Also, in the last five minutes in class, we take a few minutes to wipe down our surface and chair. Hand sanitizer is outside mostly every teacher’s door. Use it unless you have your own. Another rule is you stay at least three feet away from each other in class when masks are on. During lunch, you are allowed to take your mask off but have to sit six feet apart. Besides all the new rules everything is pretty normal, but of course, the new building is new. 

I chose to stay in person because this is my senior year and just want to be around friends and not miss out. Of course, I struggled to decide what to choose. The final straw was that knowing me, I would not do my work if I were to do online. My friend decided to do it in person as well. “I wanted to see my favorite person, Cornell ” Tara Black states.“It’s my senior year and I wanted to experience being at school,” she adds. Tara also explained that if she were to do online she would have to “babysit [her] nephews” which “would be a hassle.” My other friend, but also not really my friend also did in person. “I don’t have the ability to manage time with my work,” Steven Jimenez says.  Even though this year is different due to some things being canceled like a homecoming, being in school helps it make it a little more normal. 

On the other hand, online has different types of classes there are ones called Edgenuity that is 100% computer-based. The other one is called Virtual Hybrid where students meet on Zoom calls and it is WHS teacher-led. The Zoom meetings don’t occur all the time, but at least once a week. Students do get to take normal classes like Personal Finance. If online students have middle college in person but do online classes they do still have to come in. Madison Masunas decided to take it online saying, “ I like it because I don’t have to wake up super early.” Which Rayne Machuta and Nayeli Mercado agreed with. “Working in my own space,” is what Rayne Machuta personally likes. On a more serious note, she also is at high risk and she chose her safest option. Maddie didn’t like the thought of having to “risk life and die of COVID.” She also states how she sees so many students “incorrectly wearing their mask and look very stupid.” 

The students that were interviewed had different opinions on the levels of confusion online and if Wyoming did a good job creating the online option. Maddie Masuans stated, “overall they did a good job. It was confusing at first but I’m getting used to it now.” Rayne Machuta explained how she felt about online saying how the school really didn’t do a good job, she still  “has a lot of questions and problems.” 

Overall, the school year is different from others, and were all trying to get used to it in our own way. Were all just trying to stay safe and do what makes us more comfortable either doing in person or online. I’ve heard both sides and they both sound reasonable.