The Coronavirus has Affected All of Us


Breanna Flores, Contributing Writer

Many of us had weddings, graduations, and many exciting events that we had to miss out on because of Covid.


 This pandemic has altered many of our lives, some in a positive way and others not so much, I thought it’d be interesting to hear other people’s perspectives on how they’ve managed to get by these past 6 months. 


For Patrica Emilia, an 18-year-old senior last school year, this pandemic has been a hard pill to swallow. 

 “It’s been a pretty negative experience for me, the best half of my senior year was ruined,” Patricia sighed. “I never got to experience prom, graduation, or any of the things that I’ve looked forward to ever since I was a kid” 

While some had to miss out on school, others couldn’t even go to work. 

Ashley Yazmin is a cook at Applebee’s who has also faced some difficulty due to the virus.

“My hours were cut dramatically for the first week or so,” Ashley said. “After that, they didn’t need me to work for a whole month, and I received zero unemployment.” 

Our lives have changed dramatically with no notice, evidently, this has put a great amount of stress on our minds. I asked the same girls how they dealt with staying at home for months on end. Patricia described life being around her family 24/7 difficult at first. 

“We fought over things we normally wouldn’t,” Patricia said.

 She later went on about how they learned to get around their differences and started enjoying each other’s company again. 

“Being trapped inside was hard,” Ashley said. “It gave time to deal with some personal issues of mine, I feel like I gained a happier part of myself back” 

Many of us avoid change at any given chance, but we all were forced to give up the things that we love in order to stay safe. 

“I personally hate change,” Ashley said. “It’s uncomfortable to not know what’s ahead of me” 

I followed up with asking, “How do you feel about the new norm? With face masks and social distancing.” 

“At first I hated it but realized that without wearing them, nothing will get better,” Ashley explained. 

After all of these obstacles, I wondered if the girls saw life any differently. 

“I do,” Patricia said. “Not in the best way though, there’s always gonna be a part of me that’s gonna get jealous of other people having a normal senior experience, and I know I’ll never have,” Patricia said. 

“I know that this virus sucks, but I’m glad that it happened because I feel like a different person,” Ashley said. “I’ve truly learned to enjoy life for what it is right now because it could be gone at any second.” 

The coronavirus outbreak has been very different for most of us. We all have so many things going on with our personal life that we forget to breathe. Dealing with change is difficult in itself but it all depends on how you respond to it. Life is beautiful and I think we’ve all learned that nothing is permanent. Life isn’t permanent, neither is the coronavirus.