Acrimony is another successful movie by Tyler Perry


Lashonte Anderson, Contributing Writer

After years of loving someone and being there for them financially, imagine them becoming rich off of a lifelong dream, and leaving you for someone they cheated on you with when you were teenagers. Well, that’s what Melinda (Taraji P Henson) went through in the movie Acrimony. 

Melinda(Ajiona Alexus) and Robert(Antonio Madison) met in college after he bumped into her and later that night went to her dorm room to apologize, and she tried to, but she just couldn’t ignore his charm. Soon after he would have captured her mind and eventually he captured her heart and they would be together years after. At a young age, Melinda was providing for Robert in many ways. After her mom died she was left with money, and Melinda paid for Robert’s last three semesters of school. She even bought him a car. 

And that is what went on for years, Melina was providing for Robert while he worked on his dream to invent a new power-saving battery. Melinda had believed that Robert cheated on her, and she called it off, and they got divorced. Soon after Robert’s dream came true and his battery got a hit and he was rich just like that. And he gave everything he promised Melinda to the girl he cheated on her with when they were younger. 

 I really enjoy this movie because of its storyline. I love how it’s told, how it shows what years of giving everything you have to someone and them not really doing anything in return can turn all relationships into. How people stay in relationships because they are financially dependent on a person. They have nowhere to go, can’t get money for themselves for one reason or another. So they feel they need to stay in the relationship because it’s what’s keeping them fed. 

I rate this movie a 10 out of 10 because I really enjoyed it, it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. My favorite scene was where Melinda finally had broken it off, she let him go, but she was still in love with him. So she really had me thinking, and it kinda helped me to know that in order to be in a relationship you both have to be doing something. Like it’s okay to help them out with their dreams, but I don’t think it should just be one person putting money into. Especially if you are not the one with the dream.