JV Soccer has a New Coach


Taken By Bailey Greyzek

Alec Cross on the left and Assistant Coach Ricky on the right

Camila Maldonado Pena, Editor-In- Chief

I would like to introduce Mr. Alec Cross as the new JV coach for our boy’s soccer team. Coach Carrasco had asked Alec to coach the girls JV team a few months ago but since Covid became a thing he was unable to coach. So he got the opportunity to coach for the guys JV team for their coming season.


 “It would be a great way to connect more deeply with the staff and students amidst all that’s going on,” Cross said. 


He has been playing soccer since he was a kid. He played soccer at Heritage Christian Academy in middle and high school. He did play indoor soccer with a group of guys and girls from high school as well as a few other people. He had a great opportunity to play club his 10th and 11th-grade years for a local club in Kalamazoo. 


This is Alec’s first time actually coaching a soccer team, but he has helped out other teams in the past. He has volunteered in Wyoming during soccer conditioning. He most enjoys the team’s connections and just how they are together. He makes sure his team knows that he and his teammates will always be there through tough life situations. So far the toughest thing about being a coach for him has been getting the hang of directing his players and communicating with his team. 


Alec has set values like discipline, respect, connection, and intensity for his team. It has been tough to get the team to get the values that he is setting for his team but he is trying his best for them to get there. He has been focusing on developing basic skills into more elite skills. 


“We have amazing players who work hard, and training really focuses on developing better communication, passes, and play style that pushes the guys to work hard and do their best,” stated Coach Alec. 


JV has multiple leaders in the team but the team seems to still be learning that they all have a leadership voice on the team. Our boys move the ball and play intensely every time they step foot on the field. They do have a lot of fun while on the field and Coach Alec thinks he can use this to his advantage. Their biggest weakness is that they are not making plays which is why they don’t score goals. They do have the potential to win, they just need to develop the unity as a whole which has been hard with Covid going on. By the end of the season, Alec hopes that the boys will feel more “connected to each other and learn some life values while also getting better at the sport.”